3 thoughts on “Ramya’s Debate: Against Fur Trade

  1. @Ramya, Well done! Including statistics emphasizes your point about the wasteful and inhumane treatment of animals for fur. Are there countries or regions that have outlawed fur? If so, how did they accomplish this feat?

  2. People should not wear fur because animals deserve to live. People should not kill animals and then use their fur to wear, just because we can. We have other capabilities to make clothing that will keep us warm instead of fur, such as down feathers. Down feathers keep me warm, like my jackets. THIS SHOULD BE A CRIME!

  3. I agree with you especially because an animal doesn’t deserve to live in such harsh conditions just because somebody wants to wear it. You could also add that a lot of people who buy those coats definitely don’t wear them year round, and instead go to waste, as well as the fact that a lot of the animals that are killed for fur are rare or extinct, and that the remainder of the animal is discarded when it could be used.

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