Habits of Mind 2.0

Welcome to 8th grade Social Studies Class of 2011!

We’ve enjoyed meeting and introducing you to the Habits of Mind.  The Habits of Mind act as an “Internal Compass” for effective problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and questioning (Costa).

Teams generated excellent connections during discussions.  Examples of people/groups/characters that model specific HOM include:

Persistence – Percy Jackson, Rosa Parks

Questioning – Isaac Newton, Journalists, Amelia Earhart

Thinking Interdependently – US Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force

Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations – President Barack Obama, The Giver from the novel of the same name

Striving for Accuracy – Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom

Managing Impulsivity – firefighters, police officers, Martin Luther King Jr.

Do you want to add to the list?  Post a comment.

Art Costa and Bena Kallick identified 16 Habits of Mind and we have adopted 6.  Take a look at our class handout:

View more documents from bkind2animals.


Watch this student created Charlie Angel’s Spoof on the HOM.

Respond to ONE of the following questions/prompts.  Record your answers BELOW on the Post-It Parking Lot.  Follow digital etiquette and cyber safety.

  • What HOM of stood out? Explain.
  • How did you recognize the HOM in the spoof?  Be specific.
  • Did the students portray the HOM accurately? Explain.
  • Provide another HOM scenario the students could add to their spoof.


Meet Art Costa, the man behind the HOM!   He’s done the research.  Now, it’s up to you…are you ready to challenge your thinking?  Watch this brief interview.

2 thoughts on “Habits of Mind 2.0

  1. I have a question on the hero in the hallway that is due on 11/3/10. My hero that I am focusing on for this project is William Wilberforce. When I was looking at the rubric i re-read the chest/heart section, I looked over all the characters again, and thought that my hero could be both Simba or Raficki. I found a picture with both of these charters in it. Ms.Degangi I would really appreciate it if you answered my question so I can do this project right, can i use the picture of both of Simba and Raficki, or if I should pick just one certain character?
    -Thank You

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