3 Worlds Collide CHooSe YouR oWN aDVeNTuRe

Play Brennan’s quizrevolution and leave us a comment telling us your score and what you think.

Try Robert’s quiz. How did you do? Did these quizzes help?

6 thoughts on “3 Worlds Collide CHooSe YouR oWN aDVeNTuRe

  1. Ms. DiGangi,
    I played Brennan’s quiz and scored a 2500. This quiz would’ve helped as a review if I took it before the test, but I was too late. Oh well.

  2. I found Brennans quiz rather helpful, it had a lot of good points and some questions I did not know the answer to. However, I was confused by the one where one of the answers was “He was his BOSS” because I did not know what that meant.

  3. Robert’s quiz was very helpful, I scored a 2300, but on 1 question I don’t remember learning about a person named Malinche which was a correct answer also there was a question that said which doesn’t apply and it was for Las Casas but the right answer was epiphany and I thought that was true. I recommend this quiz. I thought it was very helpful and is a very good way to study. Robert did a good job making this quiz.

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