GLORY, The 54th Massachusetts

We began this year learning about modern and historical models of civic virtue. We ended the year learning about the bravery and resilience of the 54th Massachesetts, an all black regiment. Colonel Robert Gould Shaw led his black regiment when it was unpopular. Despite discrimination like lower pay, he stood by them and truly led by example.
He and his men made sacrifices to benefit the common good. How did their actions inspire you?
When you walk in your gowns at graduation, think of the heroes of the 54th Massachusetts Black Regiment…think of their sense of pride and their strong sense of loyalty to each other and their country. They fought the injustices of slavery through strength and persistence. Their leader led them as equals and as in life, lies beside his men of the 54th in death.
Who was your favorite character?
What character traits did they exemplify?
Which scene in the movie was the most powerful? Explain.

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