PuT oN YouR EaRMuFFs!

Students began their study of Native American cultures by learning how to sort information into categories: Economy, Society, Political, and Geography. The ESPG foldable is the resource they will use to fact-find, record notes, and illustrate the ESPG of Native American cultures by region on the Native American Trading Cards. We practiced using the Brainpop App to view the “Inuit” video and worked as a class to sort the facts. Students will continue to use the BRAINPOP APP on the iPads (bring in your ear buds), the map on p. 179 and their Chapter Walk Through to complete this learning activity.
Economy (green)-How do people make a living? (shelter, food, clothes)
Society (orange)- How do people live and interact with others?
Political (red) – Who is in charge? What are the rights/responsibilities of the people?
Geography (blue)- Where is this located? Describe the environmental conditions.

BRAINPOP VIDEOS – you will need to log in to view the following:
Iroquois Confederacy
American Indians

The directions are on pg. 2 & 4.

5 thoughts on “PuT oN YouR EaRMuFFs!

  1. Hi Kaela, Thank you for sharing your research. If you post the link other students may conduct their own research. What did you think when you found the information? It is wonderful to read that you are extending your learning outside the classroom. 🙂

  2. Hey Ms. D i looked up how inuits killed whales. It told me that inuits would go in canoes and with harpoons. then they would stick the harpon in the whale and wait or in to tire then they would kill it. they sai that the seal is the easiest to kill because they just have to ind a seal whole and wait or a seal to reapear. Then they shoot o club it to death.

  3. I can’t see the brain pop video for Iroquois when I tried it said that I could only use it during school hours and I can’t watch the linked video because I have to log in or subscribe or start a free trial. What should I do?

  4. Hey Ms.D, we have brainpop apps on our iPads in class, and to do tonight’s homework, we needed to go on their website. The only problem was that my sister was writing a paper on the computer, so I couldn’t use it. But then I realized that I could download the app in my Itouch. So thats what I did to complete the homework. Do you think I will be needing the app again? If so I well keep it. Thanks.

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