Piggy’s Got The Conch!

Last week we started comparing and contrasting the Lion King with Lord of the Flies while focusing on the following:
State of Nature, Natural Rights, Tyranny/Absolute Power, Consent, Conscience, Social Contract

Rafiki & Simba


As we continue our study of the Foundations of our government,  watch the clips again located in the LIVEBINDER and use the HOM: Apply Past Knowledge to New Situations.

We viewed the scene from The Lion King that depicts Mufasa’s death & Mufasa’s ghost.
Respond to 1 or both of the following questions by leaving a comment or respond to a previous comment to get a discussion going.

  1. How does this scene depict a state of nature?
  2. What does Mufasa’s ghost symbolize? Explain. Be a fact-finder and use your GREEN packet.

Students, you have been Applying Knowledge of the Enlightenment, natural rights, state of nature, democracy, social contract, and John Locke to the classic, Lord of the Flies. Use the viewing guide located in Google Classroom to check for understanding.


Watch the LOTF clips again and respond to one or more of the following questions:

  1. Who does Piggy remind you of in Lion King?
  2. Who does Jack remind you of in Lion King?
  3. Are there additional characters that have similarities? differences?



Don’t forget there is QUIZ WEDNESDAY. Paraphrase the notes and examples. Don’t memorize.  🙂  Share your knowledge with your families at dinner, friends during recess, or record a podcast of yourself paraphrasing the lessons.  Use the GREEN PACK The STUDY GUIDE  
Also, watch the LOTF clips again located in the…..Yeah, you guessed it!  The LIVEBINDER. 
Good Luck!

6 thoughts on “Piggy’s Got The Conch!

  1. In the novel I am reading, If I stay, there was a quote related to Lord of the Flies. The quote was, “Teddy had taken his shirt off and had streaked himself with mud. Dad said he looked like one of the boys from Lord of the Flies.”(pg.225)

  2. An empty conch
    with its smell of death
    that whispers in my ear
    the promise of a life

  3. 1. When Mufasa dies, there’s nobody in power now that their king died. This means it’s now a state of nature.

  4. I take that back I got Ralph and Jack mixed up. 1) Simba, 2) Scar 3) Mufasa and Ralph because Ralph is the leader and taking charge as well as Mufasa did.

  5. 2) Mufasa’s ghost resembles Simba’s conscience by telling him the right thing to do and persuading him to go back.

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