8 thoughts on “Testing, Testing…

  1. i have the iFlashcard app on my ipod. i like using the app however i am a visual learner and i’ve never tried the app in social studies but i have 4 a vocab test. even on the vocab i was more successful with actual note cards.

  2. i prefer the app because even though it may take longer to type out all the cards, i think its more fun and effective. i usually get 90-105 on tests but since using the flashcard app ive gotten a 109 and 109. Alos i like the app more because once i am done with notecards i usually just throw them away. but with the app it stores all the notecard sets and backs them up on my computer just incase i ever need them again

  3. Hi Alicia,

    Thanks for providing the correct app for students to access! Do you prefer using the app or making flash cards on index cards?

  4. the flashcard app that i have is flashcard touch (free version). there are many more flashcard apps also, you just have to look in the app store on itunes

  5. Eleven students took this short quiz! Michelle scored a 100%. Let us know what your score was and if you’d like to see more quizzes:)

  6. That’s great Michelle! This was our first quiz by Quibblo. We are testing it out with only a few questions. Next time we’ll make the quiz longer.

  7. hey its michelle from u and i took the slavery test and i got a 100% on the test its great way to help you study try it out

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