And the Nominees Are…

Students, staff, and judges have viewed the PSAs over a 5 day period and we love what you’ve done 8th graders! Congratulations on your hard work! We are proud that you’ve become true advocates for your causes!

A pd: The Nominees Are…

Best PSA: Luke, Evan, & Gabby
Best Sound Track: Luke, Talli, Danny
Best Images: Nick, Chris, Gabby
Best Emotional Appeal: Evan, Max, Tim
Most Educational: Cory, Gabby, Katelyn
Best Voice Over: Danielle, Dante

C pd: The Nominees Are…

Best PSA: Matt, Jenna, Rob
Best Sound Track: Matt, DJ, Ankita
Best Images: Kaylee & Morgan, Matt, Rob
Best Emotional Appeal: Rob, Steve, Kelsey
Most Educational: Rob, Steve, Sam
Best Voice Over: Matt, Blake

D pd: The Nominees Are…

Best PSA: Gabby, Brian, Kyle
Best Sound Track: Kyle, Blaine, Sarah
Best Images: Kyle, Sean, Daylyn
Best Emotional Appeal: Gabby, Kyle, Sean
Most Educational: Jesse, Sean, Wendy & Juliana
Most Humorous (write in category): Brian
Best real-life examples (write in category): Blaine, Juliana

U pd: The Nominees Are…

Best PSA: Brandon, Justin, Kenny
Best Sound Track: Jordan, Giuseppe
Best Images: Mike & Sam, Demitra, John
Best Emotional Appeal: Gabby, Jordan, Mark
Most Educational: Justin, Brandon, Michelle, Gabby
Best Voice Over: Kenny, Alex, Brandon

N pd: The Nominees Are…

Best PSA: Dillon, Jen, Lexie
Best Sound Track: Alicia, Emily, Dan
Best Images: Alicia, Lexie, Arianna
Best Emotional Appeal: Alyssa, Jonathon, Alicia
Most Educational: Dillon, Alyssa, Arianna

Good luck to our nominees and stay tuned for the winners:)

2 thoughts on “And the Nominees Are…

  1. All of the nominees from my class did great work, but I hope to also see the nominees and winners from other classes. Great job to everybody!

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