King of the Hill..Animated?!

The French and the British played king of the hill for control of North American territory from 1754-1763. The two theaters of the French and Indian War included the European theater and the North American theater. Please view the slideshow and refer to the questions in your handout to prepare for our ANIMATION THROWDOWN! Each period will design an Animated Video Short in class when we return from break (think SpongeBob meets History). Each Animated Video Short will be posted on our blog…so, folks, it’s time to get creative!

The slideshow includes CNN Correspondent Reza Sayah’s report titled, “Karachi Kids” & the movie trailer, “A Mighty Heart.” “A Mighty Heart” details Danny Pearl’s life as a journalist in his final quest for the truth.

Brian from D pd. also posted a pop culture connection to Zenger and Freedom of the Press on wallwisher. He recommends watching The Simpson’s Episode called, “Fraudcast News.” Click on the hyperlink to watch.

Extra Credit Opportunity!: Explain the similarities and/or differences between the Simpsons episode and John Peter Zenger. For example, who is Mr. Burns similar to in The Zenger Trial? Thanks Brian for sharing the video!

Steven from N pd shared this clip from Scooby Doo The Movie. The scene demonstrates the importance to cross check information. Thanks Steve! Start watching at 5:30:

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