8 thoughts on “GO GREEN!

  1. Hi Tim,

    The goal of the plastic bag challenge is to recycle as many bags as we can. Bring them to your homeroom so they are counted.

  2. Hi Danielle, Arianna, Alyssa and most importantly, Stauber. Thanks for the comments. We appreciate that you enjoyed our video. We hope to see you visit again.

  3. So Stauber and I are wondering if she or I will win the Plastic Bag Challenge. Stauber’s allergy to plastic will inhibit her chances of winning therefore, I agree with Arianna!!! Bring it 7 Yellow! Hi Alyssa, Who’s Fudala? Never heard of that homeroom…good luck anyway:)

  4. I support the plastic bag challenge!
    Raise the roof…woop woop
    My homeroom will wipe up the floor with all of you anti-recyclites. Pizza party comin’ at me!
    Marcus (aka Water Ice Mark), I forgive you for being higher on Brandon’s ranking’s last year if I get some water ice. Please note: chocolate is my preferred water ice flavor (or black cherry).
    Tell Di Gangi to keep the volume down in there!

  5. hahaha danielle…um i dont think ur gonna win bc fudala’s hr in gonna be the best bc im gonna empty my house of plastic bags 🙂
    i think the search bar on the top is really useful and thank u for changing the pop culture points slides b/c it doesnt freeze the computer 🙂

  6. Ok 3 things… 1.I recycle all the time ! FYI my whole family recycles ! 2. I also love the animation and the idea 3. Mrs. Digangi’s homeroom is gunna win ! (:

  7. comment from Danielle in pd A:
    I like the new search bar on the side of the blog. Very helpful. Also, I love the animation! I also love the idea of recycling the plastic bags. I am a huge fan of recycling. I yell at Arianna when she doesn’t recycle. I’m the one in the family who actually recycles. Great idea and can’t wait to start! Duba’s Homeroom is so going to win ! Oh yeah! 🙂

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