Our G L O B A L family

I just read a guest blog post from a student’s Nonno (grandfather). The student is a member of Mrs. Yollis’s class and you can visit their blog and read “Nonno’s Post.” The pictures are beautiful and the houses remarkable!

Do you have family or friends living in other countries?
Would they like to share information about their country/culture with our class?
Leave a comment and let us know.

4 thoughts on “Our G L O B A L family

  1. Hi Mike,
    It’s also amazing how the houses are built without mortar between the stones. I LOVE your avatar! Find the post on Avatars & leave a comment so others will see the new you. Now that you are our avatar expert you will have to give us a short tutorial on how to upload them & use them for commenting. 🙂 Which avatar site did you use?

  2. It is amazing how they can build those houses out of stone. The custom designs on the roofs are cool and so are the pinnacles.

    What do you think of my avitar?

  3. Hi Billy,
    Yes they are pretty cool. What do you like about them? Don’t forget to use the blogging guidelines and use complete sentences. 🙂

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