Students are Applying Knowledge of the Roots of our Republic (i.e., Enlightenment, natural rights, state of nature, democracy, social contract, and John Locke) to the classic, Lord of the Flies. Use the viewing guide to check for understanding.

Don’t forget there is QUIZ THURSDAY. Paraphrase, Don’t memorize.  🙂  Share your knowledge with your families at dinner, friends during recess, or record a podcast of yourself paraphrasing the lessons.  Use the FOLDABLE & The Natural Rights Packet.  Check out the slideshare widget to view them in color or use the search bar to find the post.
Also, watch the LOTF clips using the vodpod widget in the top left sidebar.
Good Luck!

8 thoughts on “PiGGY’s GoT THe CoNCH!

  1. When voting for a president for yellow hall make vote for the right responsible decision. Vote for someone who is going to try to get the things they promise you. Don’t vote for someone who isn’t going to be resonsible. Most of all don’t vot for someone just because there popular. That would be the wrong descion. Remeber all the following things and we as the yellow hall student body will make the right decision.

  2. I learned that my Hero in the Hallway, Jackie Robinson, opened the door for other players of different races to play baseball in the Major League. Now when you sit and watch a baseball game, you will see a team with Black, White, Hispanic and/or Asian players.

  3. Hi Nicky,
    Nice connection! How did the rules help with your robotics meeting? What would have happened if someone broke the rules like Jack?

  4. In Robotics after school today, we had a meeting. To speak during the meeting, you had to have a plaque in your hand. This reminded me of Lord of the Flies because to speak in the movie, you had to have the conch with you.

  5. Hi Anna,
    Thank you for sharing how your point of view changed after seeing the movie and connecting it back to our lessons on John Locke. Did you enjoy LOTF? How did it help you to understand John Locke’s philosophy? Don’t forget to take the poll on your favorite LOTF character. Click on the About Us tab and scroll down until you see the poll. Leave us a comment after you vote. 🙂

  6. When I first saw the middle top picture on the LOTF guide, I thought it was a group of mountain people that they met on the island. After watching the video in class I now know that this is Jacks tribe. I think it’s symbolistic how they look like mountain children. It show that the state of nature inside them has taken over and the simalarity is shown through that picture.

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