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Can citizens expect RIGHTS without assuming RESPONSIBILITIES?

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Last week we began our study of the RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES

Students made connections to modern day scenarios and explored similarities & differences between historical, fictitious, and present day MODELS OF CIVIC VIRTUE.  One of the popular activities included:

  • Venn Diagram comparing SIMBA from The Lion King with CINCINNATUS from the Roman Republic

Please review responses to the Guided Reading packet here:

View the 2 video clips from the Lion King & use the LENS of CIVIC VIRTUE.

NaLa & SiMBa FiGHT


2 thoughts on “He LiVeS iN YoU – RaiFiCKi

  1. Hi Daija,

    This is a great connection to civic responsibility! Thank you for sharing your efforts to keep your community clean. Have you continued to participate in community service?

  2. The lesson on September 15th, about why history is important to us reminded me of a day when i was outside with my friends. In the packet that we wrote in, it said that history includes the true story of heroes, villains, and true adventures. One of my true adventure happened when I used to live in Pine Hill, New Jersey. My friends and I had a mission to pick up everything off the street in our court that would pop anyone’s tire; such as glass, and pine cones(yes we did think pine cones could pop a tire). At the end of our cleaning job, we felt like true heroes taking an adventure we would never forget.

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