Danger Danger

I am quite worried after reviewing several CYOAs.


The STUDY GUIDE has 18 items listed = 18 CYOA questions, flashcards, pictures, etc. (remember this will depend upon your Study Tool Choice).

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  1. Ms.D, I think i labeled differently for example, I labeled what you said as “death threats,” I labeled “surviving assassination attempt,” is that ok? Sorry, I like to make sure that I know what i’m doing.

  2. Hi Brennan,
    Keep it simple and be succinct with the summary statement. Label the “causes” (i.e., civil rights) and the obstacles (i.e., death threats). The pictures should relate to the causes and obstacles. Use only 1 quote or you may use 2 if they are short. Remember that you want your audience (fellow students) to stop and read about your hero in the hallway. I look forward to seeing your hero.

  3. Lastly, may I use two quotes if i think that they are both quotes represent him as a model of civic virtue?

  4. Ms.D, also i was wondering if we can have more than one sentence for the summary statement and do we have to label the accomplishments and obstacles, accomplishments and obstacles along with what the picture is, or can we just say what the picture is?

  5. Hi Brennan,
    Choose the quote that best represents your hero as a model of civic virtue. Let me know if you have additional questions.

  6. Ms.D, I was having trouble with the quote for my hero and I have two of them to choose from. I was wondering if you could give me feedback on which is better because i know only one should go on the hero. My hero is Harry Truman.

  7. Hi Rachel,
    Check with me Monday because you may have entered the incorrect password. Have a good weekend.

  8. Drew,
    If that is the case you will also earn full credit and you wouldn’t have to complete another CYOA. When did you complete your quiz on mystudiyo? How many questions did you create? When I checked it today at school only 2 students had completed their mystudiyo quiz with 18 or more questions based on the study guide. Have a good night.

  9. But i already finished my mystudio thing. I just didnt do 1 question. I was planning to do it tonight (after asking u what it the question ment) but mystudio failed on me. But why do i have to do another one when Brennon didn’t and he was in the same position as i am right now?

  10. The site is experiencing difficulties. Aren’t you relieved that you planned and completed your work in advance? That was a smart decision. Have a good evening. 🙂

  11. Plan B is the same as “What’s your back up plan?” There are 9 choices for the CYOA. Persist and pick another as your back up plan. Ol’Skool Flashcards are a reasonable choice.

  12. Thanks Ms D. I also tried again on my mom’s laptop and that didn’t work either. Even though I still got full credit, I wish I could’ve finished it. Thank you for responding.

  13. Mrs. Digangi
    I dont think Mystudio is working. I’ve tried every now and than since 6 pm and it shows an “error” page. I rebooted my labtop but it still says error so im pretty sure its the website. I didnt do one question because i questioned what i had to do on it. So i wanted to know what would happen.

  14. Stephen,
    Tell me what steps you’ve taken. This is the first complaint regarding Scholastic’s flash card maker. If you are experiencing difficulty create the rest of the flashcards using the Ol’Skool model. Wasn’t Ol’Skool your 1st choice? Don’t forget to follow the blogging guidelines for digital etiquette.

  15. Dear Mrs. D
    My second set of 2.0 flashcards won’t print and only 11 are done when it prints now all that comes out is the cards with “enter text” printed inside and it erases my data. I put all my info onto the cards and then clicked on see all and then print but all that would come out with the cards are enter text in the middle. Any suggestions?
    Thanks, -Steve

  16. Brennan,
    No worries..these things happen and your quiz was almost finished. You have earned full credit.

  17. Brandon,
    Follow the directions on the CYOA handout under “Flashcards 2.0” It’s pretty straight forward.

  18. Mrs. DiGangi, I am trying to fix my CYOA, but mystudiyo will not let me open their webpage. I tried multiple times so far to get onto the site and it just keeps denying me. I even tried rebooting my computer and that didn’t work. I had no difficulty getting on yesterday. I will keep trying, but I don’t know if it will work.

  19. Hey guys! i just wanted to remind to guys that if you guys are doing the go-fish cyoa, that you have to have two of every card. So in all you should make 36 flashcards!

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