A DiSeaSe…oNLY GoLD CaN CuRe…

Conquistadors took no prisoners in their pursuit of God, Glory, and Gold. The Aztecs’ human sacrifice ended up being the nail in their coffin as neighboring tribes allied with Cortes. Please use the slideshow below to explore the impact on Aztec and Incan Society.

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  1. Hi Nick,
    Thank you for posting this connection. Your information may help others working on their PSA. Several students chose racism in America and I will refer them to your comment. Well done! πŸ˜€

  2. hey ms d. i no it is a little late to talk about this but i was watching a movie earlier and it reminded me of social studies. The movie was called The Express. it is about the first African american football player to win the hiesman trophy award. The reason it got me thinking of S.S is because it shows all the racism that was happening back then and showed what ernie davis had to go threw just to play football. He was one of the greatest players in high school but was intentionally not drafted by college teams specifically because of his race. Eventually university of sarrocuse picked him. But by far what reached out to me was even on the field racised remarks were said to ernie and even fanse would throw beer bottles at ernies head when giving the chance! it was terrible to see that but it did help me understand the racism that went on back then. Here is the trailer of the movie it is a really good movie and a touching one too. youtube.com/watch?v=-gdiHS__LyQ

  3. I was watching A little princess and when the new girl came in i saw a little girl as a slave and it looked like the new girl wouldn’t fit into the school at all.

  4. The last main point is concepts.

    1.Slavery- African Kings would enslave men and women instead of killing.This would hellp the African kings because they got strong men that would kill the enemies military.

    2.French interacted with the Native Americans- They worked with the Native Americans in missions by the great lakes. Joilet had great knowledge of the Native American lanuage.

    3.Spanish interacted with the Native Americans- They took over the Aztec empire and stole all the riches and arrested their leader.

    4.European Monarchs and merchants funded (goals) exploration- wanted land, resources and to know the Northwest passage.

    5.Spanish Conqueror Aztec Empire- Cortes sailed to the Capital, Tenochtitlan he used canon fire, guns and smallpox to conqueror their city then demands its Spain’s territory.

    6.Spanish Conquistador conquerors Incan empire-Pizarro captured the Incan ruler, Atahualpa held him hostage then stole $6 million in gold. Then Pizarro killed him.

    7. Incan Society- They were polytheistic. They advanced in systems of roads, communication, gold and silver treasures, and artwork.

    8. Aztec Society- Their systems or achievements were the pyramids, canals, bridges, floating gardens, a zoo, art and a calander.

    9.(ESPG)Similarites between Africa, Europe and America- They all had their leaders take control of their cities. They also have gone through tough times like the Hndred Years war, smallpox, black death, trail routes blocked and being conquered.

    10.Las Casas point of View of Native Americans and results- He thought it was wrong to enslave people and take their good. Then he saw everyone else doing it so he did too. He took in more Native Americans as slaves.Then spent the rest of his life pleading fairness for the Native Americans.

  5. The next main point is events.

    1.Black Death- a deadly disease also called the Buonic Plague that killed millions of people.

    2.Great Famine- widespread food shortage that also killed millions of people.

    3.Hundred Years War- Alot of people died during this war between France and England.

    4.Renaissance- In between the 15th and 16th century that was a cultural event of classic art, architecture, learning and literature.

    5.Protestant Reformation- Began in the 1500’s because the Europeans started to question the rules of the Church.It divided into two groups the Catholics and the protestants.

  6. Hi Brennan,
    Find the similarities and create a question. You can do it! πŸ™‚ I look forward to seeing your quiz.

  7. The next main point is terms.

    1.Horse latitude- lack of wind and geographical location

    2.Conquistador- Spanish conqueror

    3.Epidemic-When a disease spreads to many people and quickly.

  8. The next main point is places.

    1.Africa-Has 3 main lands. Deserts,Savannas and the rainforests. The Sahara( largest desert in the wrold) limited trade from the north to Central and South Africa. But the Mediterranean made it asy to trade from the north to Europe.

    2.Temple Mayor- A site of shrines dedicated to the Aztec Gods. They are a polytheistic society. They also did human sacrafice to honor the gods.

    3.Tenochtitlan- When Cortes entered Tenochtitlan (Aztec Capital) he used canon fire, guns and smallpox to conquer the city and says its Spains now.

  9. The following 5 comments are for my CYOA. I am doing blogwarts.
    1.Christopher Columbus- He arrived in the Caribbean, enslaved all of the Native American tribes and claimed the land for Spain.

    2.Dona Marina-Christain Native American that was Cortes slave and translator.

    3.Atahualpa- He was the Incan ruler that was captured, held hostage and had $6 million worth of gold stolen from him and was killed by the Conquistador Pizarro.

    4.Moctezuma- He was the Aztec emperor, he tried to keep Cortes on the coast using gifts and diplomancy. He was captured, taken hostage and killed in fighting.

    5. Marquette the missionary and Joilet- Marquette worked with the Native Americans by the Great Lakes. Joilet came because he had knowledge about the Native American language.

  10. Ms. D, I wanted to add the question from class to my CYOA quiz about the ESPG’s so that I can study. I was wondering if that was all we should know about the similar ESPG’s and also can you give me that question so I can add it? Thank you.

  11. I think that this quote means that the Spaniards hearts were filled with greed and this is described as the disease only curable by gold intake.

  12. I don’t if this has to do with how long a letter took to get from one end to the other but i found this information pretty interesting about the Aztecss. The roads were designed for travel on foot. Usually these roads were maintained through tribute, and travelers had places to rest and eat and even latrines to use at regular intervals, roughly every 10 to 15 kilometres (6 to 9 mi). Couriers (paynani) were constantly travelling along those ways, keeping the Aztecs informed of events, and helping to monitor the integrity of the roads.

  13. As I was thinking about our class discussion the other day that Columbus was either a hero or more like Hitler, I thought about our elementary schools. I know that little kids aren’t mature enough to understand what he did, but they shouldn’t tell them that he was a hero. Just this year I learned that Columbus wasn’t a hero because I always listened to my other teachers saying how good he was by discovering America. But really he was part of the largest genocide killing tons of people who were there to help him. He shouldn’t be honored..

  14. Ms. D, If we have a half day Friday, then will we get more than just that period for the test or will we have to finish it in that much time?

  15. Hi Alycia,
    Did you review the AFRICA CLOZE THE GAPS? The geographic regions of Africa are mentioned in the first couple of paragraphs. Which CYOA did you choose?

  16. Ms D.
    For number six on the study guide under places, I don’t understand what that means and how to put it into my notecards.

  17. I thought the movie was really good and after watching the movie it made the topic more intersting to learn about because it showed what they did to the peopl.

  18. Hi Rachel,
    That is a great connection to the Renaissance! πŸ˜€ Do you have a link? If the lyrics are school appropriate I will approve the link or you can post it on wallwisher.

  19. Hi Sammie,

    Was it a coincidence that your family watched Apocalypto? What did you think of the movie? Although it is historical fiction inspired by real events, did it make you more interested in this topic? Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

  20. Hi ms.D i was on youtube listening to eminem and lil wayne and they did a song and the words are “I can die rebirth i give my spaceship in these earth can i am gone” I thought i of renaissance because rebirth means renaissance.

  21. Hi Colin,
    Thank you for your review of Flashcards 2.0. It’s very positive and upbeat. You may have a future in product reviews. πŸ˜€ Why do you think it works well as a study tool? How much time did you spend making them?

  22. Hi everybody, I just wanted to tell everyone that the Flash Cards 2.0 is a great way to study for a big test like we are having on Friday. It really helped me, so I was just recommending it to everyone else. I just started studying yesterday and I pretty much have everything covered. πŸ™‚

  23. Francisco Pizarro died at age 67. He was killed by his own men in Lima. He died in the year 1541.

  24. Hi Timmy,
    Could you post this link on Wallwisher and provide a short description as to how it is a pop culture connection?

  25. Hi Dino, Use the HOM and Strive for Accuracy by reviewing your Conquistador Cards. Read over your comment and see if you find any errors and leave another comment. Thank you for sharing!

  26. MS. D, can we complete all of the worksheet questions tonight in bullets? I thought that you said that in class for which ever way we prefered. Thank you.

  27. When Cortes and the Spanish Conquistadors killed the Incan Leader, it reminded me of Lord of the Flies. Cortes played the role of Jack, while Pizarro played the role of Roger, and unfortunately, the Incan Leader was Piggy. Cortes had it arranged for the Incan leader to be executed even though he cooperated with conquistadors, just like Piggy did not do anything wrong to Jack’s tribe yet they were both killed. However, it was Roger who actually executed Piggy while Pizarro executed the Incan Leader. The link provided is the scene where piggy is killed.

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