6 thoughts on “DiNe aND DoNaTe 4 DoGs

  1. Hi Ms.DiGangi, I thought that it was really cool how that guy helped all the homeless pit bulls.

  2. I was at the Flyers Fight For Lives Carnival it was really cool because I knew I remembered that organization from somewhere. What steps I will take to decrease procrastination is make sure I do things ahead of time instead of waiting for the last minute and having incentives to work towards. I think that will help me become a better learner and student in my works.

  3. Hi Billy,
    What event? PAWS is the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society and Sarge, the elderbull, helps with fundraising. We donated to PAWS from our Penny Wars after Sarge and Oogy’s visit. In fact, I just received a thank you note from PAWS for our donation. I am happy to hear that you appreciated the video on Procrastination. 🙂 What steps will you take to decrease procrastination?

  4. Mrs.D, I was at an event over the weekend and an organization for Dogs was there and they had a big table set up and were showing pictures for Dogs they had for adoption. I believe you talked about this organization before it was called PAWS.

  5. Hi ms.D…..i help the community by recycling at home everyday….in my home we have 2 trash cans one is the ruglar garbage and the other is the bottle and cans trash….this will really help the community…and in plus well get fined if we dont recycle..so its kind of something you have to do…i also watched the video for dine and donate for dogs…

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