Today, we have a snow day due to inclement weather. Tomorrow, we will distribute your storyboards with feedback. We have eliminated the writing prompt portion of the project. Focus on the following:
1) Image search of your topic due tomorrow
2)Strive for Accuracy by re-reading your research, text, class handouts about your topic.
3) If you haven’t already started, start your project but only in the DRAFT phase. Cake Boss students should only work on drawings/sketches. Archeologists should start organizing their materials and positioning them within their scene. Do not glue down.
If you have any questions please post a comment here.

66 thoughts on “RAFT PROJECT

  1. Hello Mrs. DiGangi,
    I’m reading the book “Touching Spirit Bear” and the book has to do with Indian tinglits and people. They are the type of people who we learned about. In the book they talked about making camps/tepees,like what we have learned in class.

  2. Hi Ms.Digangi, it’s not letting me e-mail it. I changed it to .key. Can I just save it to my flash drive and bring it in? Also, do I still fill out my self evaluation form even though I didn’t present? Thank you.

  3. Mrs. Digangi,
    Striving for accuracy, I reread my outside reference source and did, in fact, find the answer to your question. Today, you asked me where I found where the death toll came from and where the plague happening in the summer time came from. I showed you where I found the death toll but since I was rushed, I had trouble finding the summer reference. It says “Outbreaks ussually occured during warm summer months and struck suddenly.” It was from Plague. Renaissance from the Gale Library, which can be accesed from the Burlington County Library. I will glady show it to you in class if you would like to see it. See you tomorrow.

  4. Hi Nicky, The Self Reflections are the same for each student. Cross off the Cake Boss Topic. Striving for Accuracy is worth double points.

  5. Mrs. Digangi,
    When I went to get the rubric from you, I didn’t realize it but it says Cake Boss at the top. Is it the same rubric for all projects? Also, if it is, how does it add up to 18 total points? When you add up all the thumbs up, you only get 16. Thanks!

  6. Ms.D

    I would like you to delete the 1st ppt. I gave because I did not finish when i gave to you.I finish yesterday and tried to email you again and again but I guess it didn’t work. I email when not ready b/c i wanted you to see if start off correct. i did not want to do all wrong. I emailed you at 3:30 tried to.i would like to present the updated one, please.

    Thank you

  7. Chris, Do you own a flash drive? If yes, save your file to a flash. If not, try the wiki and go through the steps slowly. Or…try to email it again to me. My school email address is on the school website. Make sure you enter it correctly. Get some sleep.

  8. Ms. Digangi, I’m stressing. I went on the website you gave to us, I tried e-mailing it to you and it keeps saying that it’s too big. I have no clue what to do.

  9. Hi Mrs,DiGangi.

    I’ve tried absolutely everything to get the audio on my presentation,but nothing has worked.I don’t know what to do at this point,because I know that I’ll probably get a bad grade if I don’t have audio.I know how to send it to you,and I have everything else,but it’s the audio that isn’t working out.

    Please help if you can!
    Thank you!

  10. Ms. Digangi, I tried to upload my Keynote to bind2animals.wikispaces.com and it said mine was too large. I don’t have your e-mail so I’m unsure what to do. May I have your e-mail?

  11. Hi Himani, I will show you tomorrow how to research audio for a project. Don;t worry about it for now.

  12. Hi Mike, I hope you are feeling better, The writing prompt was eliminated because of the snow day.

  13. Ms. Digangi, I did my author slideshow on Keynote. When I timed it, it was 4 minutes and 29 seconds. I’m not sure if that is too long or if I’ll receive a deduction. I just wanted to clarify because our RAFT checklist said the mp4 could only be one minute and I have no clue what an mp4 is. Thank you.

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