RoaD To iNDePeNDeNCe

Skill building is just as important as learning content. We continued studying the causes of the American Revolution by analyzing propaganda and political cartoons, reading for information, using context clues, and interpreting images. Utilize the resources below to review. Extra credit opportunities are always available – just leave a comment with your pop culture connection. Good luck on tomorrow’s quiz.


3 thoughts on “RoaD To iNDePeNDeNCe

  1. it took 7 years for England/Great Britain to recognize Americas Independence. The D of I was signed in 1776 and not until 1783 when Great britain finally recognized America as an independent country.

  2. I always here people ask my dad for his John Hancock, I never knew what that meant. After looking at the D of I, I noticed the biggest and best signature was John Hancock’s. Now I know where that saying comes from.

  3. I have a connection with minutemen. There is a Disney Channel movie called Minutemen that 3 teens go immediately to the person that needs help. This help could be bullying or anything that could save this innocent person.This relates to the minutemen we talked about in class because they immediately responded to war threats.

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