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8 thoughts on “A “JuST RiGHT GoVeRNMeNT”

  1. Ms D,
    What Items would you like for the shelter supply drive? I didn’t get time to copy down the list during class.

  2. The most significant seen to me was when one of the maids used the bathroom even though she was told not to and was fired. That seemed stupid because the white lady said that they have diseases.

  3. Hi Zach, Thank you for sharing your connection to natural rights. I have not seen the movie but I read the book. I agree with you. There are numerous powerful parts of the story that sadly, are based on real events. What scene was the most significant for you?

  4. I just got done watching the movie “The Help” which is about the whites and the blacks in the 60’s. The movie actually filed me with anger because of how terrible the blacks were treated. Also to see that they had no where close to the amount of rights that the whites had. The non colored people treated them like they were not as good as them, they treated them like garbage. And it is awful to see any human to be treated like this. I just wanted to blog about this because this had to do with people’s natural right, and that it inspired me to argue about this.

  5. Hi Nicole, What browser are you using? Firefox and Chrome are the most widely used internationally and our blog is hosted in Australia. Did you click on the Google Doc? The video is not embedded in the slideshow but I will add it to the vodpod widget.

  6. hey mrs. d,
    on the blog at my house it wouldnt let me look at the slide show adn the video of the three bears when i tried it tonight. i dont know what i did wrong but i just clicked on it and it loaded and then went away. if you could try to answer back to me ad let me know if it will work or not that would be great. i just wanted to review what we did in class today and i was trying to do that by the slide show. get back to me whenever you can. thank you so much.

  7. Hi Ms. D! I have a tiny announcement that has pretty much nothing to do with what we are learning about in social studies. It does, however, concern our school. As you know, in U period today, there was an announcement over the P.A. system that advertised the choir contest on the radio. There was some confusion over which station to vote on, so here is the link to listen and vote: http://nj1015.com/christmas-choir-contest-2/ . Thank you for your time, and please remember to vote! (JSUK: you can vote more than once!)

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