8 thoughts on “Heroes in the Hallway

  1. Hi Ryan,
    I just saw this comment. If you brought in the candy and didn’t get extra credit let me know and I will give it to you.:)

  2. Hi Mrs.D. I was wondering if it was not to late to get extra credit on the mlk candy bags. I van bring it in tomorrow if that helps.

  3. Hi Himani,
    It’s nice to here from you! It is wonderful that you are using the habit of mind, striving for accuracy, in high school! I am proud of you for your dedication. :). It sounds like you are enjoying high school. You should post a comment of Mr. Z’s new blog, math.edublogs.org. He no longer works here and has moved on but I am sure he would love to here from you. Keep in touch and best wishes on your midterms.

  4. Hey Ms.D,

    I’m studying for the midterm exams for all next week and I just wanted to contact you. I am liking the Heros in the hallway this year. I miss you, Mr. Zagorski, Mrs. Masterman, and Mrs. Brown. My grades for first marking period was all A’s except for one B. 2nd semester is going to end this Friday. I have more B’s than A’s now. But never a C.
    I’m always striving for accuacy and I always will be.



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