GoD, GLoRY, and GoLD

God, Glory, and Gold Packets were distributed WEDNESDAY, 2/15 for this HISTORICAL ERA (Era 1: Many Worlds Meet)

Societies in Europe, Africa, and the Americas were (and still are) greatly affected by geographical, political and economic forces.
Student Goals for Historical ERA 1:
•Use geographic representations to compare information about people, places, and events in time.
•Explain how major events are related to one another in time.
•Compare and contrast differing interpretations of current & historical events.

The initial learning activities provide historical background for the PUSH/PULL factors of exploration. Students began fact-finding in their Chapter Walk and collaborated with peers to analyze text and images in different formats.

(Ms. D note: Update 2/23) Students finished the Interactive Review of “EUROPE” and “AFRICA” CLOZE THE GAPS. Cloze activities require students to use context clues and improve reading comprehension. We also sorted (color coded) KEY TERMS, PEOPLE, PLACES, and EVENTS into Economy, Society, Political, Geography. The Interactive Review video clips are below.


Use the videos below and BrainPOP to review People, Places and Events in Time.

VIKINGS from Chapter Walk

BLACK DEATH from CLOZE the Gaps: Europe





Draw an outline map of Africa on the last page of Packet and create a key: Desert = yellow, Savanna = orange, Rainforest = green. Shade in the map using the BRAINPOP videos below.




MAPTASTIC! Click Here for the GOOGLE DOC.

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  1. Hi Mc Kenna and Alex,

    Follow the same directions from class: Scroll down to the bottom of the “God, Glory and Gold” post and click where it says “Maptastic…click here for the google doc.” The notes start at p. 4. I hope this helps.

    Alex, You will never have to enter a password. You clicked on the incorrect link.

  2. hi miss.digangi,
    i cant seem to find the notes for pages 14,15,and 16. i looked through the other comments to see if you had answered my question but i cant seem to find the maptastic googleyou had mentioned either.

  3. Hi Ms.Dagangi i went on the blog and i clicked on the the link that should get me to our homework, pages 14-16 and it goes on to Google docs and asks me for a password and an email. I don’t know if i should put my e mail but my main concern is the password. Do we have a class password?

  4. Hi Marissa, It’s great that you are using the habit of mind, Striving for Accuracy. Scroll down to the bottom of the “God, Glory and Gold” post and click where it says “Maptastic…click here for the google doc.” The notes start at p. 4. I hope this helps. 🙂

  5. Hi Ms.D. I’m trying to find where the answers for pages 14-16 in the God, Glory, and Gold packet are because I was absent yesterday and am trying to strive for accuracy. I looked in a few different slideshows and was unable to find it. Can you please tell me where it is? Thank you!

  6. I remember we talked about Nelson Mandella in our civics unit, and I saw on the news he was hospitalized, operated on, and released over the weekend.

  7. I saw a comertial about an hp laptop that had the beat to the rennisance man song in the background. It was about all of the cool features it had and it had the beat to it

  8. Hi Jazmin, Maptastic google doc notes are on p. 4,5,6. Record the notes from the google doc in your packet p. 14-16. I hope this helps. 🙂

  9. Hi Ms. Digangi.
    Today, Daija and I missed C period to go to our flute lessons. When I came back to get missed work, you told me to go to this post. You said that at the bottom of this post, there is a click me google doc. From there, I should copy down pages 14,15, and 16. But the pages only go up to 7. Please let me know what to do so I can get Daija and I caught up with class.

  10. Me, and anthony wen to places from the song “rennaisance Man” like the eiffil tower, and the sistine Chapel, and the mona Lisa. Also from the song “Black Death” we went to venice too.

  11. Hi Mattie, We reviewed Europe Cloze the Gaps and did the Culture Shock activity. Draw 1-3 symbols next to each paragraph in the Europe Cloze the Gaps p. 10-11 like we started last Friday. Use colored pencils.

  12. Hi Cole, Ignore that…The only HW was to review notes from today. We start the map tomorrow in class. 🙂

  13. hey mrs. d,
    i dont know what you meant by review notes on the homework board. do you just want us to look over the notes? if so do u want us to look over the ones for the close the gaps? if you could get back to me soon that would be great thank you mrs. d!

  14. Hey Ms. D, In my agenda book it says Africa map under homework, but I’m not sure what to do. I did write in the key (yellow)= desert, (green)= rainforest, and (orange)= savanna but there’s no map. I also heard some people say that for their class you said they didn’t have to do it, so I’m really confused. Please respond when you get the chance, thankyou!

  15. I found this video when i was watching tv. This goes with our civic right unit for black history month.

    Roshon Fegan “Anything Is Possible” Official Music VideoShake it Up’s Roshon Fegan celebrates Black History Month with his new music video for “Anything is Possible”. Download the official app now …
    by radiodisney | 1 year ago | 491,935 views

  16. I was watching a show a while ago and it said that because so many people were dying during the Black Death that some of them thought that Death was just moving his way into town each day, causing more and more people to die.

  17. Hi Ms.D!
    I used the brainpop videos as a way to review for our quiz tomorrow! For me, brainpop is a very effective way for me to learn and review past information!

  18. Hi Ms.Digangi. I just thought I would share what I know about the Black Plague. I was watching a paranormal show where they were investigating a haunted island. I don’t remember where it was located, but I know it is against the law to go on it. During the time of the Black Plague doctors would take the infected people over to the island by canoe. These doctors wore masks with large noses where they put herbs to prevent them from catching the sickness. Once they arrived the diseased people were put in “hospitals” started by nuns. Most patients were brutally abused. I’m not positive this is correct as I saw the show a while ago, but I figured I would post it anyway.

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