We are comparing and contrasting the Lion King with Lord of the Flies while focusing on the following:
State of Nature, Natural Rights, Absolute Power, Consent, Conscience, Social Contract

Want to review using the class illustrations from the ActivBoard? Go to the LIVEBINDER widget.

As we continue our study of the Roots of our Republic,  view the clips again and use the HOM: Apply Past Knowledge to New Situations.
We viewed the scene from The Lion King that depicts Mufasa’s death.
Respond to the following question by leaving a comment or respond to a previous comment to get a discussion going.
How does this scene depict a state of nature?

What does Mufasa’s ghost symbolize? Explain. Be a fact-finder and use your NATURAL RIGHTS packet.

Watch the LOTF clips again and respond to the following:
Who does Piggy remind you of in Lion King?
Who does Jack remind you of in Lion King?
Are there additional characters that have similarities? differences?
***LOTF clips are located on the Vodpod Widget on the Left Sidebar.

Complete the Viewing Guide while watching LOTF Scenes 1-6, 7, 9, 10. You can find everything you need on our LEFT side bar’s Livebinder widget.
Read the discussion from the CLASS OF 2011 by clicking HERE!

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  1. Dear Ms.D, there was not suppose to be the word death in my second comment along with the ‘s

  2. Dear Ms.D, the scene of Mufasa’s death depicts a state of nature. This is because it shows that the reign of Mufasa and now no one will protect the other animal’s natural rights and it would be survival of the fittest. Without a leader to protect natural rights, everyone becomes your enemy and only the strong survive while the weak will perish.

  3. Hi Cristina,
    I haven’t watched Zombieland but it seems like you made a perfect connection to a state of nature! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  4. As we were learning about survival of the fittest and a state of nature, I made a connection to the movie Zombieland. In the movie, the main character and his friends have to survive a zombie apocalypse, which is a state of nature because people were stealing. the characters must be the FITTEST in order to SURVIVE. They are able to go cross country and survive longer than most other people. That is what I thought connected survival of the fittest to Zombieland.

  5. Hi Michael,
    Thank you for sharing your disapproval with Simba’s response to Nala’s request to return. You provide specific details and support your argument. Well done! 🙂 What did you think of his change of heart after Raficki appealed to his conscience?

  6. Hi Aaron,
    Thanks for posting your pop culture connection! Do you know the name of the episode? How does Lisa appeal to the community for support?

  7. In the Simpsons Movie, Lisa puts the use of common good to clean up the lake and the environment. At first the community won’t listen to Lisa. However, once Lisa shows them what could happen. After, they all get together and clean the lake.

  8. I think that the I pads should get the game flow. I think we should get this game because it is free and it is kind of educational. I say this because it is a mind game that you try and figure out how to connect each dot without touching the otter colors. This game will help our mids keep working and each round will help us use the habits of mind. Like, apply past knowledge to new situations and persisting. This is why I think we should get the game flow.

  9. Dear Mrs.D
    I don’t know if this is the right spot to post this but I am here to post about Simba today. I can’t believe Simba won’t go back,all because he thinks its his fault for his dad’s death. Scar betrayed not only Simba but all of the lions,and Simba still won’t go back. I thought Simba would’ve went back to make up for what happened to his dad and follow in Mufasa’s footsteps. Simba should go back, defeat Scar and the hyenas. Cincinnatus even left his farming to become a dictator during the invasion. Simba has to let his dad’s death go. Have a great day Mrs.D.

  10. Hi Katie,
    Thank you for stopping by, leaving a comment and the kind words. I thought you took the history elective. You were always a quick learner and made connections to history. Tell Bec I look forward to more CHALK TALK from her if I am not around and wonder how she found my hidden chalk. 🙂 I hope you are enjoying high school and look forward to seeing you and Bec soon. 😀

  11. Hi Christian,
    Thank you for posting this connection to your Grandma and Lord of the Flies! I am happy that you were sharing your learning with your Grandma and how wonderful it must have been to discover that she was connected to the actors. 😀 Piggy was my favorite character. Who was your grandma’s favorite? Who is your favorite character?

  12. Hi Tyler.
    It’s great that you are actively making connections to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Locke and Hobbes were not referring to cancer or other life-threatening diseases. They were speaking about Government.

  13. Hi Michelle,
    We will upload a version soon. We will work on the packet tomorrow. Hope you are feeling well. 🙂

  14. Hi Ms. D,
    Today I was absent from school and on Friday after the quiz I didn’t get to finish the first page of “What a Republic” worksheet. Is there a online textbook for “We The People” textbook?

  15. Ms. DiGangi!

    I just thoguht that I would briefly go on the Conch because my friend Abbey told me to. I have a question. What is with the virtual pet this year? Last year, ours was much better! Although, I forget what it was! I miss having a Social Studies, or History class everyday, but I do not think that High School History would be as fun as your class. On the next half day, Bec and I will have to stop by to say Hi! See you then!

    -Katie (:

  16. Hi Mrs.D,
    My Grandma was the assistat to the Dean of education at Adelphi University his name was Peter Cookson. Now Peter Cookson tutored all of the kids on the island during the filming of Lord Of The Flies because they were on this island so long that they couldnt be out of school all that time. I did ask my Grandma if she knew what Peter Cookson’s favorite student was but she didn’t know.

  17. Dear Mrs.D
    On the show parenthood they are talking about breast cancer. The mom of the two kids is getting it. Also it is breast cancer awareness month. It is taking away the family’s liberty. That is my POV.

  18. Hi Matt,

    It’s great to hear from you! 🙂 Thank you for your kind words and sharing them with our current 8th grade. What did you like most about our class? How is high school? Are you taking a history elective?

  19. The name “lord of the fies” is a literal translation of the name of the biblical name beblzebub, a powerful demon in he’ll sometimes thought to be the devil himself

  20. The lord of the flies refers to beelezebub, another word for the devil. This is because through the book and through the movie the children become dirtyer and mor evil, representing their devilish side.

  21. Hey Mrs.D I found Lord of The Flies means. Lord symbolizes power in which Jack and Ralph always fight for. Flies represents decay and death which will thrive if the boys don’t stay together. Lord of the flies is also the name for beelzebub or the devil. Here’s the link http://www.shmoop.com/lord-of-the-flies/title.html. (cut and paste into browser if the link doesn’t work)

  22. Hey ms. D, I just opened my history on my computer and saw this website from last year on it. I remember writing on here a lot, I even remember responding to this. I hope you have a great year teaching s.s. again, I remember I liked this class a lot.

  23. Dear Mrs.D,
    The title Lord of the Flies means the beast. It also means the evil within us all. The title also means the fear of the beast which caused the kids to kill. The beastliest became lord,and the kids were the flies because they have given into their fears. Jack was like the beastliest and Ralph’s tribe was the flies because they were scared of Jack.

  24. In “Lord of the Flies” the conch symbolizes order and law. Whoever is holding the conch gets the chance to talk and that way everyone has a voice. The conch is the schoolboys form of government. In a classic episode of Spongebob, Spongebob, Patrick and Squidward are stranded in a remote jungle like area of the ocean. While they are stranded Patrick and Spongebob they constantly turn to a “magic conch shell” for answers. Even though Spongebob and Patrick are slightly misguided, because they are letting their shell dictate all their decisions, it is their form of government, just like in “Lord of the Flies.”

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