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  1. I am a little suprised on the outcome of the polls. I really thought Romney was going to win. I felt that Obama already had his chance to change America, and he didn’t change it that much. If Romney got a few more states electoral votes he could have won. I saw a video of people in Chicago’s reactions when Obama won. http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=when+obama+found+out+he+won&view=detail&mid=80520923E3FA1F5BE7A780520923E3FA1F5BE7A7&first=0

  2. Hi Mrs. Digangi,
    I’m sorry if this comment is late but I really wanted to comment. I am really not surprised on the outcome of the election. I really couldn’t imagine Romney being president because Ombama has already been with us for 4 years. Maybe people did not want to take a chance on Romney and give OMbama a second one. This mock vote shows that is the kids were allowed to vote, the contest would be very close. When we were in class deciding who to vote for, some people were arguing and disagreeing with the people who didn’t vote the same as they did. thats why we have induvidual rights and people can say what they are thinking. I thought this activity was really great and influenced the kids to see how close a race really could come. 🙂

  3. Hi Dominic,
    Did you check the virtual binder? Call a friend? Text a friend and ask them to send a photo message of their packet? There are numerous ways to find the information. Doing a google search is an option but not all information is reliable. Make sure to cross check the information that you got online with your notes tomorrow. It’s great that you took the initiative to research. 🙂

  4. Hi Mrs.Digangi. The homework that we had over this weekend, I was wondering if it was alright to search the Internet. I hadn’t taken home the “Why Government” packet. I checked the blog and I got some answers but I had to search the web for the last one. I hope that’s okay.

  5. When I was watching the Desicion last night it was exciting. Although there was one thing that really caught my attention. It showed how one person was trying to vote for Obama but it malfunctioned and made him vote for Romney. This reminded me of the Simpsons tree house of horror 4 years ago. Homer was trying to vote for Obama but it kept telling him he was voting for McCain. The link to this video is below


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