Rule of Law DoG’Oscars

Students created products based on the 6 Factors of the Rule of Law. The following examples are some of the winners based on the criteria from the Self-Reflection Survey. Please watch and let us know what you think. App = Puppet Pals.

Matt, William, Nick & Stephen from E Pd

Ashley, Kylie, and Kevin from N period:

Julianna, Ryan, and Kaylani from N period:

8 thoughts on “Rule of Law DoG’Oscars

  1. I really liked the checks and balances video, when the legislators turned into zombies. I thought it was a really good idea because it showed who was brainwashed by the presidant. I also liked how only one of the legislators tried qeustion the presidant and tell him that he can’t make decisions by himslf, and that he needs to pass it by the other branches first.

  2. Hey Ms. D! I was just watching all of the skits over and I realized a pop culture connection of natural rights being denied. On the ABC show, What Would You Do?,I saw a scenario when a woman gave a homeless man 20 dollars to buy a meal. However, the bartender refuses to serve him, thus denying his natural rights. Here’s a link talking about the show, and you could probably find it On Demand on most TV providers. You should watch it, its a great show!

  3. Hi Mrs.D,
    I just watched all of the skits and they really helped me understand the 6 factors of Rule of Law were. I was a little confused at first but then when we started doing the packets they really helped me. I find all this info very helpful and interesting about democracy and government in general. Even though we had a little truoble in groups, if you really think about it, it was like a group was in its own little government because everyone had a say and the leader listened to all of our ideas. Even though there was one person incharge, everyone had the same rights and regulations throughout the whole video making. I am really happy we did this becasue I have a better understanding about Rule of Law, Democracy, and how governments work in general! 🙂

  4. Hey Mrs. D i was on youtube today and was studying for the test. I searched up rule of law and pressed a video called Constitutional Principles: rule of law. it really helped me to understand rule of law. heres the link if your interested in showing the class

  5. Hey Mrs D,
    I went to the apple store yesterday and played on the ipads. This app was on it and it helped me understand how to use it. Also reminded me about the rule of law, order and security, legitmacy, (etc.) thanks for your help!

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