Today in class, students played “TRIAL COURT GO FISH” and learned the roles and responsibilities in Criminal (6th Amendment) and Civil (7th Amendment) Trials.

C PERIOD Winners: Kevin, Nick, Charlie, Jack and Matt

D PERIOD Winners:Shannon, Christian,Nick, Zack, Taylor, John, Allie, Sarah, and Tommy

L PERIOD Winners: Antony, Taylor, Erin, Chris, Kelly, Michaela and Nigel

N PERIOD Winners: Tommy, Billy, Amy, Kaitlyn, and Kevin

E PERIOD Winners: Michael, Jake, and Stephen

6 thoughts on “TRiaL CouRT Go FiSH

    Dear Mrs DiGandgi
    I was watching a movie called the First Daughter and katie Holmes plays the main character Samantha. Sam is a normal girl whos father is elected to be president she trys to cope with the fact that she will never be normal again. When she enters college she has guards neer her and her dad is running As PRESIDENT MACKENZIE. They start a rivalry group who goes against Mackenzie and start a presidential debate against prez Mackenzie. Sam is very unhappy but as she is walking away her friend Mia says “sam arnt you gonna say something” sam responds “no they have the freedom of speech where they can express themselves freely an protest on whomever they would like. These words are from the first amendment freedom of speech.

  2. Recently I was watching a show on the history channel about the “Freedom Riders”. They were civil rights activists who rode into segregated parts in the US. In the video, one scene showed a group of people getting off one of the buses. Then a huge crowd of people surrounded the bus and started to beat the African American people. The police did nothing and sat a couple blocks away from the scene. This would be violating the African American citizens 1st amendment rights on limits on speech. They started violence and got away with it.

  3. I remember earlier in the year, we learned about a state of nature. I have a connection to this. In Language Arts, we recently read “Life As We Knew It.” In the book, the moon comes to close to the earth and causes many natural disasters. So naturally, people do whatever they need to survive. They ransack people’s homes, and tear apart buildings. This is just two examples of a state of nature in “Life As We Knew It.”

  4. Ms. D,
    I remember at the beginning of the year when we were watching LOTF and we talked about the movie Cast Away. My family and I are watching it now I had to post a comment on the blog. He had to learn how to survive for 7 years on a deserted island. He had to learn how to cope in a state of nature and to keep his sanity. He learned how to use everyday items as weapons and tools. The ice skate really came in handy.

  5. In the book “The People of Sparks”, people from an underground city called Ember make their way to a town called Sparks. Sparks welcomes the Emberites and provides them food, shelter, and lessons on how to survive above ground. The Emberites aren’t happy though, because their food portion has been getting smaller and smaller each day. The Emberites protest which relates to our First Amendment rights to protests and assemblies.

  6. Ryan Braun has been acused of using steroids. He is planning a speach stating he is not guilty. In his speach he says “I am inocent until proven guilty.” This relates to the to the fifth and sixth amendment.

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