Bill of Rights, 1791

We began our fact finding mission using the FLIPPED CLASSROOM method to examine the rights/freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

Get ready to watch one of the BEST MOVIES OF YOUR LIFE, “Future Fright Losing the Bill of Rights.” Follow along using the Viewing Guide as we apply the Bill of Rights to fictitious (or could they be REAL?!) scenarios.

All handouts, slideshows, videos, etc are located in our NEW LIVEBINDER, BILL OF RIGHTS.

EXTRA CREDIT: Share your pop culture connections.


7 thoughts on “Bill of Rights, 1791

  1. I think that the movie Emitt till was a very good movie for us to see. It dealed with the 5th and 6th amendment and that’s what we were learning about. It was good practice but it was a very sad movie.

  2. Hello Mrs. Digangi. Over the past few days there has been extraordinary weather in some of our great nations most populate cities. Temperatures in Chicago reached up to -40 degrees! Thats actually colder than the planet mars! But Russia I’m afraid is not so lucky. In one town it reaches up to -50 degrees! Kids that go to the schools there still have to go to school in -30 degree weather. Why am I talking about the cold weather? Well some may not realize it yet, but america has a very unique plot of land, which includes many of the worlds natural wonders. When the settlers first came here to build a colony they has to withstand a frightening winter and most even died. What I am trying to say here is that the settlers risked their lives to ensure that we the people could enjoy the luxury of being in our homes today with heat. I believe the colonists should be remembered by every american citizen because George Washington may have won the war, but who built the battle field he fought on? Thank you for reading my comment and I hope we all pay the best of respect to all the first settlers, remember they gave their lives for your comfort.

  3. In LAW AND ORDER SV there was a case about this boy named Jamie who was smuthered by a pillow to death. Sammuel, the male accused of this murder was asked question and didnt anwser because he said he plead the 5th to self incrimination

  4. Ms. D, I’m watching a show called Supernatural and the two main characters use old history of spirits to help determine how to deal witha current one. It’s like a precedent case that we learned about in class!

  5. We were at the dance tonight, and the way students were acting was like a state of nature! It was crazy, people were running around like there were no rules or adults. Thankfully everyone was alright.

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