NeW UNiT: Many Worlds Meet!

We started our new unit, History of US, distributed textbooks, and explored categories for study: PEGS (Political, Economic, Geography and Society.
Our study of the First Americans will begin by collecting, interpreting and analyzing historical evidence by completing our 1st Chapter Walk. A Chapter Walk uses captions, illustrations, maps, graphs, photos, etc to complete a fact-finding mission. For example, the First Americans trapped deer by encircling the animal and using bows and arrows. Can you say DUCK!?
What was the most interesting fact that you learned?
What do you want to learn more about?
Share by leaving a comment and don’t forget to post pop culture connections by POSTING A COMMENT.
Read through pop culture connections on the Padlet below:

49 thoughts on “NeW UNiT: Many Worlds Meet!

  1. I think you should get the app stampede ride. It’s a really funny game and I absolutely love it. It’s just like temple run but better!! You get to run with bulls and if you get far enough they run at you. You have figure out how to jump over things and make sure not to hit anything or you’ll get chased by a bull. I really like this game and I think everyone else would too.

  2. Hello Mrs. Digangi. I have noticed that in our class we are learning about ancient tribes and how they lived. There are many tribes that are still not known for why they left or abandoned their land. But sometimes identifying the departure is easy. Such as the tribe that inhabited the historic landmark we now know as easter island. Easter island is an island full of ancient monuments but contains no sign of life what so ever. Historians were confused how such a thriving population could just leave in an instant. But research was done and theories were made until it was decided which one was the most logical. Like the natives in the north east, trees and the population was growing sporadically. At the rate of the time it was too much for a low technology society to handle. More trees began to die and resources went low beyond the thinkable. The last of the natives on easter island eventually starved. There was no where for them to go since they were basically in the middle of the ocean on a desert island. All that remains of their civilization is their stone monuments which still stand today. My point is that even though most natives died because of unfertilized land of north america, they all still had a place to go (unlike the easter island tribe). Life was difficult in the past even though it seems like a breeze today. And in the future we will come to wonder how we even survived with the life style we had in the past or possibly the present.

  3. Jon: there brain is 3rd of human size

    Larson: we descended from you ’cause you’re so prehistoric

  4. Kieran: we don’t look like you cause you’re so prehistoric
    Josh: 2 feet on the ground, bipedal species wandering all around

  5. Victoria: ” We don’t think like you do cause you’re so prehistoric”
    Julie: “Genetic traits changed over time. That’s the theory of Darwin.”

  6. Yasmin: Found in Deep in the ground, anthropologists dig around.
    Kylie: found deep in the ground

  7. Amy-bipedal species moving all around
    Morgan- found deep in the ground, anthropologists dig around

  8. Ryan said… “The southern apes… Shortest and furriest”
    Mike said..bipedal species all around

  9. Zheng: “It’s all related to you although you are so prehistoric.”
    Christian C: “With a brain that’s a third of human size.”

  10. Alexa-
    Found deep in the ground archeologist search all around

    Over ages of time were fossilized

  11. Lindsey’s lyrics: “We don’t look like you do ’cause you’re so prehistoric.”
    Amelia’s lyrics- “we don’t think like you do cause you’re so prehistoric”

  12. Lauren’s lyrics- We don’t look like you do, ’cause you’re so prehistoric.
    Sienna’s lyrics- We don’t think like you do cause your so prehistoric.

  13. Hayley’s lyrics: “We don’t look like you do cause your so prehistoric!”
    Kayleigh’s lyrics:” it’s the Paleolithic way of life”

  14. Mary : Over ages of time they are fossilized.
    Brett: With a face we can barley recognize.

  15. Brandon- Sapiens, Sapiens survived to write this song.
    Courtney- We’re related to them cause there so prehistoric.

  16. Kyle said, ” Over the ages of time they were fossilized.”
    Rachel said, ” A brain that’s the third of a humans size.”

  17. Ryan’s lyrics: with a brain that’s one third a human size
    Elizabeth’s lyrics: Neanderthals would come around

  18. During the video my favorite quote was “Over ages of time they have fossilized.” I favor this quote since it explains that our past barbarians did not just disappear out of nowhere.

  19. Mikes lyrics: Found deep in the ground
    Meghans lyrics: found deep in the ground, anthropologists dig all around

  20. Cats lyric over ages of time there fossilized
    Rebecca’s lyric: with a brain a third of human size, we’re related to you, ’cause you’re so prehistoric

  21. Marina- “Anthropologists dig all around.”
    Ethan-“Two feet on the ground bipedal species walking all around”

  22. We desented from you cause your so prehistoric. You don’t look like us cause your prehistoric

  23. Matt’s: over time they are all fossilized

    Mike’s: “the paleolithical way of life” (from what I know myself, I know that there is a type of diet called the paleo diet. In the diet you are only supposed to eat things that are harvested, picked, or hunted. So all natural things like what they would have had back in their time… Just a connection that I had.)

  24. Two feet (bipedal) sapiens sapiens survived. With a brain that’s a third of a human size. Over ages of time they’re fossilized.

  25. Brianna- bipedal species moving all around
    Ryan: over the ages of time they are fossilized

  26. Drew: We don’t think like you.
    Melissa: Sapiens, Sapiens survived to write this song

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