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  1. Hi Ms. D. There is a fun app out that I would like to recommend for the iPads. It is called 2048. It is a fun app which requires you to use your brain. You basically slide numbers together together to get larger numbers. The goal is to try to get one slide to add up to 2048. Every time you slide a number a new number appears. If you run out of space, you lose. It is addictive and fun so I recommend it.

  2. Last year in the fall of 2013, I saw a movie called ” 12 Years A Slave.” The movie “12 Years A Slave” was a film that was released October 13th, 2013. This film was based on the life of Solomon Northup, who was born a free man, but tricked into slavery. Solomon, bound and chained, and smuggled (in what we would call today’s human trafficking enslavement) was taken into the South from his home town. Solomon Northup was a slave and separated from his family for 12 years. For my age, I think this movie is a great way on expanding your knowledge on slavery. It teaches you that even though some Native Africans were born free (meaning they’ve paid for their freedom, so they do not have to partake in slavery) , some like Solomon Northup were smuggled into slavery as a free man. This movie is Rated-R, so to watch you need parental approval from your parents. The trailer for “12 Years A Slave” is appropriate for the class to watch as a whole, and I believe we should watch it in class!!!! 🙂
    The Link to the “12 Years A Slave” Trailer is – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrDg_6rxCzs

  3. In class today, we are starting to learn about the slave triangle that involved slaves from Africa. The African slaves were shipped to the south of North America where they were traded for resources. When I was doing my Chapter Walk pages 1 and 2 using the textbook for reference, I came across a poem on page 144 called “Born Free”. In the poem “Born Free” it quotes “Here lies the body of John Jack, a native of Africa who died March 1773, aged about sixty years. Tho born in the land of slavery, he was born free. Tho he lived in a land of liberty, he lived a slave.” It clearly states that when John Jack lived in Africa he was born free, but in the United states he was a slave. On the website named “The Tahoe Trader” it gives more information on John Jack. John Jack, an African native, was a cobbler slave to the shoemaker Benjamin Barron. When Barron died in 1754 John continued to serve Barron’s wife for seven years and saved enough money to purchase his freedom. This is more information on John Jack. Thank You for reading this! For more information: http://www.thetahoetrader.com/2012/08/john-jack/

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