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  1. Hi Mrs. Digangi I have an app reconmandation. Theres this free app called “2048”. It’s sorta like a puzzle/math game. You slide the numbers into the other matching number and you get that number combined. Ex: Slide 2 into 2 and you get 4. This game is fun, educational and challenging. In addition, it doesnt take up that much space on the ipads. I believe it would a great add on to our apps on the ipads. Thanks for listening,
    Hayley F

  2. There is this app called are you smarter than a fifth grader! It is an educational free app. The app ask questions about things we learned in school all the way back to 1st grade. Subject including social studies, math ,science, and also Language arts. You should really download this😃

  3. The videos clearly demonstrated what the paragraph said, but the raps were very hard to hear.

  4. We saw Lindsay and Lauren’s IMovie on slavery. We
    liked many things about that trailer. Our favorite part about the trailer is the detailed pictures and the descriptions. We also loved the name of the cooperation

  5. I feel like this project was good because it benefited each student because they could each pick how to do the project. I liked it and hope that you continue it in later years. I also wanted to comment on the cork board in the hallway with the NJASK theme and the countdown of days left in the year. I think that it was a really good idea and I like it a lot.

  6. Lindsey F and I have a pop culture connection to the movie Frozen. In Frozen, Prince Hans was charging Queen Elsa with treason. We can connect this to social studies because we learned about how treason means overthrowing the government.

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