The Preamble’s Next Top Model

Students, Props and/or costumes for your photo shoot are due on Wednesday. Be sure that your group has a SCENE that depicts the MEANING of the Preamble phrase. For ideas watch School House Rock’s music video:

Teacher Notes:

10 thoughts on “The Preamble’s Next Top Model

  1. I think that the Tim and Moby Video,made me understand things alot more clearly! They put things in seperate parts,and made me understand each part very clearly. I think that that was a very helpful video 🙂

  2. Hey Ms. DiGangi! I was wondering when the pictures from class today were going to be uploaded. I am loking forward to see all the classes photos as well as my own! I wanted to show my mom what the photoshoot was because she was unsure of what exactly we were doing so I wanted to show her the pictures to help clarify what the photoshoot was.

  3. Ms.D, I will try my best to help my group members figure out what our scene will look like tomorrow in class. Thank you for helping me clarify some points about tomorrow’s picture assignment.

  4. Hi Brennan,
    Your team will have a few minutes to “set the stage” for your scene tomorrow before your photos. What lesson could your team learn from working within time constraints. You demonstrated initiative by using the blog to seek clarification. I am wondering if you could help facilitate your team’s selection of a scene before class tomorrow.

  5. Ms.D, my team talked about how we all have rights that are protected and what rights we could talk about. The problem we had was that we weren’t sure if we should use the natural rights on the side, or other examples of rights, like freedom of religion, or just a general idea about all rights. Then because we had that in mind at first we had different ideas and after Ms.B and you talked to us, we did not have enough time to discuss what to bring in, or how we were going to set up for the picture.

  6. Hi Brennan,
    Ms. B’s suggestions are good and your prop ideas will work. I’m wondering why you team had difficulty. How did your team discuss the phrase. What does “secure the blessings of liberty” mean?

  7. Ms.D, my group and I didn’t understand the scene much and we didn’t have enough time to talk about it, but Ms.B talked to us about a statue of liberty idea how we could all stand next to that person in that costume. Our phrase was “And to secure the blessings of libery.” I am having trouble with prop ideas, but Ms.B gave me some ideas. I am bringing in a green sheet, torch or paper for the statue of liberty person, and possibly some rosaries to represent religion in the scene to. I do not know what my other group members are doing about bringing in props, but all i know is that i don’t want a zero on this homework. Are these props ok for the homework grade, even though I don’t know what my group is bringing in?

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