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  1. Hi Alyssa! How is high school? We do miss you and often refer back to the service fair and how much you and the other facilitators taught the present 8th grade. Thank you for stopping by and we would love to hear from you again.

  2. Hi Ms. DiGangi,
    I wanted to see how your classes were doing on projects this year. Good job to all of your classes in their “project runway” I’m looking forward to seeing posts of battle of the bands in the spring 🙂
    Alyssa W. (form N period last year)

  3. Great job! Really great to see how each of you put the segments together. Ms. D, neat idea and it doesn’t involve animals! Ahhh, history in the making.

  4. Who would have thought that a fake beard and a stuffed gorilla could be such powerful study tools? Well done, everyone!

  5. Mrs. Digangi,
    I finally checked out the blog. I was looking at the research links. It is awesome how many students comment. Perhaps someday I will enter the 21st. century too.

  6. Hi Mrs. DiGangi! Sad to say I didn’t read the Band of Brothers book. I thought The Pacific was really good, but not as good as Band of Brothers. If you want to know about the war between the United States and the Japanese then I would suggest that you watch The Pacific. It’s based on a true story and it is really cool to watch what the men had to go through in the west.

  7. When I took the test Friday, I thought the test looked easy because I remembered the slide show. The short phrases match the pictures. I thought it was a great study tool!

  8. Dear Ms. DiGangi!
    I think by learning the preamble notes, it helped me learn more about our world and about our goverment! i was sooo happy to look over the photo shoots because it showed examples of the preamble cards. i had fun with this and i hope we will do more fun activities like this one! 🙂

  9. I thought that this was a good way to learn the preamble because you could apply each verse to the picture. Like the one that says “We The People” with the different types of people.

  10. Hi Ms. Digangi! I loved looking at all these pictures through the slide show. the paranormal effect made it look more old timey, as if they were taken when the contitution was written. But looking through these pictures last week helped me study because I was able to see a visual. Great idea!

  11. yeah, I agree with Chris from Apd about the whole visuale learning thing. I am deffinatly the type of person who needs to see what your talking about in order to understand. Exspecially if it’s hard to comprehend. To be able to see it helps me a whole lot better.

  12. I think the “photo shoot” actually made us think and it not always about writing down notes. we actually got to do our assignment,even tho ours wasnt the best. and i was hideing behind the new paper with zack.. 🙂

  13. Ms.D, I just watched the school of rock video we watched in class the other day and thought it was a good way to study. It helped me deeper understand some of the phrases in different ways than I first did when we saw this in class. Thank you for posting the video, I thought that it is a good way to study and an easy one too.

  14. Hi Brennan,
    Please read my comment to Colin from around 5pm today on this post and to Dani and Mel. Good luck studying.

  15. Alright! Thank you all of the information from the sildeshow, cards, and photoshoot are really helpful!

  16. Ms.D, for the quiz tomorrow we just need to be able to match each of the ten phrases to a picture or statemnet, right? Is just an overal understanding of each phrase what we have to have for the quiz tomorrow? Also, we should study the extra questions we did in class next to the pictures, right? Thank you.

  17. Hi Melanie and Dani,

    The quiz tomorrow is on The Preamble only – 10 cards. Today’s lesson WILL NOT be on the quiz.
    Jesse and Grey’s team decided to symbolically represent “to form a more perfect union” and chose a wedding scene. Don’t forget that the Framers of the Constitution meant that “our country will come together under one central government.” Good luck studying. 🙂

  18. Hey Ms. D! I enjoyed looking at all of the pictures and showing my mom! Our favorite picture was of Jesse’s group because in the picture it looked like him and Grey got married! It de me laugh and i enojyed looking at the creativity that went into these projects. It definately helped me understand what will be on the quiz tomorrow! Just to clarify, what we learned today will not be on the quiz tomorrow right? Because I feel I need more practice on that because I was confused in class today when we watched the video ad did the worksheet.

  19. Hi ms d,
    I thought the photo shoot was a good idea to help us and will remember it. If we just took notes on this i think some people inclusing me might forget some things. But learning this way will stick in to our minds becouse it is fun and creative. It will help me on tomorows quiz. Is all we have to study the note cards and the paper we got today?

  20. Hi Bianca,
    What props will you use as the teacher. I am excited to see your classroom scene. 😀

    Hi Colin,
    You are WeLCome. 🙂

    Hi Sydney,
    That is great to hear! If you enjoy learning using visuals check out Julianna’s CYOA using zooburst. Let us know if you are interested in trying it next time. : )

    Hi Grant,
    Your comment about Bull is very detailed and hit each area from the writer’s checklist. Well done! : ) I remember that episode and how tense I felt for Bull.
    Did you read Steven Ambrose’s book, Band of Brothers? Would you recommend The Pacific? I missed the 1st couple of episodes and never caught up.

  21. Hi Mrs. Digandi! Like I said in class I love Band of Brothers. If I had to chose my favorite person it would be Sgt. Denver Randleman AKA “Bull”. I would chose him because he was like a tank during the fights of the war. He always made a strong stand during every battle. When easy company moved into the small village and had to retreat because German tanks took most of the company out, Bull got cut off from the retreat and was now behind enemy lines. He had to think interdepently now of how he was going to get back to base alive! Eventually he escaped the village without being seen and came back to base with no severe injuries. I thought that was really incredible and took a lot of courage. Did you see the other HBO series The Pacific?

  22. Hi Ms. DiGangi, I agree with Allie this assignment has helped me alot to actually do it than read about it. This was a great way for me to study because I actually had a visual of what was being said.

  23. Hi Colin,
    You will need to know the meaning of each phrase and be able to apply it to real photos & headlines. Good luck studying. 🙂

  24. Hi, sorry, forgot to add this in my 1st post. I thought that the pgoto shoot project was a great idea on your part. It is a great way t help us prepare for our upcoming quiz tomorrow. I do not think I would have thought of something like that.

  25. Hi ms D, I was just wondering if we had to memorize the parts of the preamble, r just have a basic understanding of each one. I am about to go look them over with my mom. I just wanted know so I caould study them.

  26. I guess that i do look like Robert a little but if you look at me long enough you can tell it is me.

    P.S. I won that monkey at the St. Joan of arc carnival along with a banana, dog, money bear, one big chihuahua, and a little chihuahua. oh and a ball.

  27. Hi Leah and family!
    Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 Learning is always the goal and I am happy to know that you enjoyed this lesson. Your team worked really well together.

  28. Hi Ms.DiGangi! I was showing my parents your website and they love it ! I like it too and then i realized the photoshoot. haha my family thought it was a really good idea and i did too! I like how we learned all of these sayings by actually acting them out and having a photoshoot I think it made others and I understand the information better! thankyou!

  29. Yes, we could probably have a classroom scene. We would probably have a student act as a teacher and have the rest of our group taking a test. This shows how children getting an education promotes the general welfare.

  30. Hi Allie, Thank you for the warm feedback. Your class did well overall and demonstrated many facets of a criminal courtroom. Huzzah! 🙂

    Hi Andrew,
    That is impressive! Thank your dad for his service. You are very fortunate to have this opportunity to learn from his experiences. Are you interested in joining ROTC in high school?

    Hi Dan, Many students thought you were Robert from our homeroom. They didn’t realize you were wearing a hat. Love the monkey. 😉

  31. Hi Chris,
    Your team will have another opportunity tomorrow or Friday to redo the photo. 🙂 Could your team come up with a scene from a classroom?

  32. Hi Ms.Digangi, I was looking these over and I thought they were very helpful. A lot of people (such as myself) are visual learners. It helps a lot to actual see what we’re learning, rather than taking notes on it. I also noticed my group’s picture wasn’t on here :(. Well, I hope I get to see it because I’m very excited to see what it looks like.

  33. I asked my dad what rank he was in the navy, and he said his highest was lieutenant, but the uniform was from being a lieutenant G.J.

  34. Hey Mrs. DiGangi! I think the way you make us do things (like this photo shoot) was a pretty good idea. I think it can help people learn better because we are actually doing the assignment. I believe I could learn better if we do things like this. I also think posting the pictures on the blog is a good idea too because people could go back and see the pictures again, so if you were to forget what we ment or did in class, you could look at the pictures right here.

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