SHaRe THe LoVe: OoGY & SaRGe

Our 8th graders and Animal Welfare Clubs welcomed very special guests that taught us lessons in resilience and heroism. Despite the cruelty experienced in their past, Oogy and Sarge shared their love with our students and staff. If you want to learn more please read, “Oogy: The Dog Only A Family Could Love,” by Larry Levin and go to Sarge’s blog and support “Sarge’s Fund.” Sarge’s Fund is a non-profit founded to provide medical treatment for Philadelphia’s pit bull population.

Watch our slideshow Part 1:

Part 2:

8 thoughts on “SHaRe THe LoVe: OoGY & SaRGe

  1. Since these are both stories that relate to animal rights,I just thought I’d share a heart-shattering video I found on YouTube.It’s revealing the secrets of real animal testing situations,and the Mars candy company,who is the producer of candies such as Skittles,M&M’s,Milky Way,Dove,etc.They test on animals too,not just make-up companies.

    If you have a heart,then you’ll think twice about buying/consuming that Three Musketeers bar…

    For a list of companies that do test on animals,and those that do not,please visit:

  2. When we are watching a video, the tablet doesn’t help very much because the video is on the active board. Still, the conch worked and helped us to post this. PS it gave us light to write aswell.

  3. Hi Sam,
    I love The Green Mile too! You and your sister watch OUTSTANDING movies! Thank you for sharing your pop culture connection to the 8th Amendment. Would you recommend the movie to your classmates? Did it help you understand the 8th Amendment?

  4. Hi Ms D! today in class when we were talking about the sheet where we all had to say yes or no to the different sinario’s, colin brought up the movie “The Green Mile” and i happened to see that movie as well. i think it was harsh of some of the officers that were working the electric chair to not put a WET sponge on the victim’s head causing the victim to badly burn until death. but i have to say it was a great movie and Tome Hanks was the bomb! i loved it!

  5. Just watching the news, with the results of the census New jersey has one less representative in congress. That gives us a total of 12.

  6. We didn’t really use the Dell computer for anything today, so it wasn’t very helpful in the learning process.

  7. The inernet worked fine and came up quick to get us to the conch quick and ready to go. The laptop and tablet got confused again. Also, on a good note, we could go on the interent to get further explanation on students questions and confusions.

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