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Hi my name is Lindsay and I am in 8th grade. In writing class we had to choose a topic that we are passionate about for our service learning unit. I chose dog fighting as my topic because I believe that dog fighting should be stopped. It is a cruel and bloody sport.

Sarge, certified therapy dog previously used as a bait dog
Sarge, certified therapy dog previously used as a bait dog

Oogy used as bait dog
Oogy used as bait dog

This is my opening to my essay about dog fighting that was inspired by Oogy and Sarge’s stories:
I sat with discomfort, feeling uneasy thinking of these innocent dogs and trying to imagine what they went through.  Their lives were filled with pain and abuse from their tragic past.  Oogy and Sarge, two of the very few, chosen to get a second chance of life.  These dogs finally know what it feels like to be loved and feel safe.  Just wishing to forget their gruesome past.  These dogs were turned on by their own race, thinking they were the enemy, when it was really humans.  They turned these dogs into war machines just for entertainment, greed and destruction.  These dogs became victims of a bloody sport called dog fighting.

Hope you liked my opening for my essay:)

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  1. Mr. Hoffman: Thank you, I put the pictures up of Oogy and Sarge because they really inspired me when they visited us at school and it was a great learning experience for everyone that was there, they really made a impact on us to do something about dog fighting. I also wanted to make the openning emotional so that people understood how these dogs live everyday and that they would realize we need to do something about it, thanks for commenting

  2. Mr Ryan: Thank you, I believe that dog fighting should not exisit and I wanted to make my opening very informational and emotional at the same time so that people could understand what happened to these poor innocent dogs that are made to fight just for entertainment and greed, thanks again for commenting

  3. Lindsay-

    Great opening. The pictures are a wonderful component. You used just the right amount of emotion and facts to hook the reader! Well Done!

    Mr. H

  4. Lindsay,
    Great opening to the your writing piece. You combine your emotional appeal and your facts into a compelling argument. Nice job!

  5. Danielle: Thank you Danielle for the comment:) I totally agree with you about how can someone treat a animal like that, it was a very sensitive topic and it was just very cruel what these people do to animals. It is amazing how a dog that went through so much pain can still love after all they have been through. It made me realize that dog fighting needs to be stopped but people are not taking much action at the moment to prevent dog fighting and I need to put the word out there that dog fighting happens very often and happens more than we realize. Oggy and Sarge visiting made me realize I had to do something to help so I thought I should do research on it and write a essay on what really happens in dog fighting. I hope I do inspire people to take action to stop this. Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for the comment and I do hope you like my essay:)

    Colin: I did see that news paper, my dad found it and showed it to me and he said that MMS did a great thing to help these poor animals. I hope that we inspired alot of people with doing the penny wars for a great cause to help animals like Oggy and Sarge. Thanks for the comment and for taking the time to read this:)

    Sam: Thank you, I really do hope I inspire alot of people to fight for the rights of these dogs. Dog fighting is a very cruel sport and I just can’t believe people do that for entertainment and usually get away with it. I believe that dog fighting should be taken more seriously and should have actions taken to prevent stuff like that. Thank you for the comment and taking the time to read it:)

    Melanie: Thank you for the comment:) Oggy and Sarge really inspired me when they came to visit. I mean I had heard of dog fighting but I didn’t know how bad it was until the owners told their stories about what they went through and then I knew this would be the perfect topic to learn about it. When they came to visit it made me realize that dog fighting needs to have more laws against it to protect animals from becoming victims like Oogy and Sarge. These animals were innocient and did nothing wrong. In my essay I just really wanted to put the word out there that dog fighting is wrong and should be stopped once and for all. Thanks for the comment and for taking the time to read it:)

    Himani: Thank you for the comment:)I do really care about this topic because I am a animal lover and it just disturbing how human beings can do this for fun and to gamble and get money. I actually didn’t know that dog fighting happened very often until I did research on it and I was very shocked, I mean why are most of these stories never on the news about people doing dog fighting. I believe they just don’t want the world to know how often it happens but I believe that they should alarm people of this because it is a cruel sport to make these animals suffer. Thank you for commenting and for taking the time to read this:)

    I own a pit bull and she was rescued during a dog fighting raid, luckily she was not used for dog fighting but she was just starting to get trained to be a fighting dog. They raided that place when she was about 6-8 months old. If they hadn’t found the dog fighting match, she would have certainly been used as a fighting dog or a bait dog which saddens me. I am happy that she got a second chance but for other dogs, they never get a second chance and never know love and spend the rest of their days fighting just greed and entertainment which is very sad. I hope someday that this cruel and bloody sport known as dog fighting will stop.

  6. Hi,Lindsay Looks like you learned lots of information on dog fighting. We can all see how you care about this topic (including Sarge and Oggy). Your opening essay sounds fantastically awesome! You have pointed out some important facts in your essay even I didn’t realize or happened to notice. Like how they got a second chance in life! – I did not notice until now! I’ll be waiting to read the rest of your wonderful essay that you worked really hard on!

  7. Hi Lindsey,
    I just wanted to say this opening was absolutely amazing! It shows how strongly you feel about dog fighting. I am looking forward to reading your piece when it is all complete and published! When Sarge and Oogy came and also this opening really made me open my eyes about how cruel dog fighting is because I never understood what dog fighting really was until I read this and listened to the dogs’ owners speak. I’m really glad you are so pssionate about this topic because people need to hear real stories to sense the emotional appeal that comes along with it! Good luck with the rest of your piece! (:

  8. That was a great opening to your writing piece. I think this will inspire many others to fight for the rights of these poor dogs.

  9. Hi everybody, I was watching TV yesterday and my dad showed me the paper and it had a picture of Oogy on it. It was an article about Penny Wars that we did. Some of you might know this already but I just thought I should share this.

  10. Lindsay that was fabulous and really got me thinking. Oogy and Sarge’s vists were inspirational, but your opening indicated their past full of hatred, cruelty and dischord. It really had me wondering how someone can treat an animal that way, and how much absolute pain and terror those dogs went through. It amazes me how resilentthose dogs are and how they could love once again, after a history of repeated malicious torture. Your opening was truly effective and I know that if I were to pick up a book about dog fighting, it would definitely be yours! I can’t wait for the rest of your report!

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