How the heck did the American Camel Get to the Middle East?!

By walking across the Bering land bridge, of course. 🙂
We began our study of the First Americans and discovered many cool facts by completing our 1st Chapter Walk. We used captions, illustrations, maps, graphs, photos, etc to complete a fact-finding mission. For example, the First Americans trapped deer by encircling the animal and using bows and arrows. Can you say DUCK!?
What was the most interesting fact that you learned?
What do you want to learn more about?
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8 thoughts on “How the heck did the American Camel Get to the Middle East?!

  1. Hi Colin,
    I didn’t find your babseball cards. Ms. Gallagher made the handout so it isn’t on our slideshare. Here is a suggestion to earn credit:
    1. use index cards or 5 scraps of paper
    2. On front – name of region and 2-3 drawings for society
    3. On back – Explain/draw, or print picture of the geography; Tell how the tribe was governed; Explain/draw, or print pictures of how people made a living (economy)

  2. Hi Ms.D, I was just wondering if there was a copy of the baseall cards on the blog. I’m pretty sure that mine fell out of my accordian when I left class today. You see, before the quiz, I put them under the top flap of my accordia because i didnt want to open up my whole accordian. Did you find them in the classroom?

  3. Hi Brennan, You only need to use color on the drawings. Pen or pencil for the writing is personal preference. Have a good night.

  4. Ms. D, I was wondering if it is okay that I wrote the words on the baseball cards in pencil because I finished them and I know I have to color the pictures, but do I have to go over the words with pen or colored pencils?

  5. Ms. D, I was doing my baseball cards and I’m done except I have to color the pictures. Is it ok if we did the writing in pencil? I know that we have to color the pictures.

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