HeY! Hey! Let’s Make a P S A

Please refer to the PSA CHECKLIST while creating your PSA. Strive for Accuracy and mark the checklist as you go.

To watch more PSA samples type PSA into the search bar and use the vodpod widget in the top left side bar.

Please use the storyboard below to create your PSA. The “Student Sample” is based on Matt’s (class of 2010) KFC Cruelty PSA.

86 thoughts on “HeY! Hey! Let’s Make a P S A

  1. Yes, i did the music, but it wont work for some reason, but did it at my dads and the music worked.

  2. Hi Brandon, Did you read and follow the tutorial on how to insert mp3 or music? They are on the blog. If you followed the directions. the music will work.

  3. Hi Sammie, On the school website under Faculty or staff. It is also on the syllabus. Good night.

  4. I keep trying to upload my psa but it keeps saying its to large. What should i do?

  5. Hi, I posted my Psa on the wiki and i played and I cant hear the Song but at my dads i heard it?

  6. Hi Brennan, It would be better if I could see it and then I can give you feedback. Is your PSA still in draft? Which student # are you? Also, did you conduct the editing process yet?

  7. Ms. D, The extra slides from my sources might extend my presentation to about three minutes. Is that ok? I did not know any other way.

  8. Ms. D, I found an awsome organization called Water Charity. The website has ways to help by supporting a water project or fundrasing, these of which I am putting in my PSA. Also, to incorperate a specific place (Africa) is it ok if I included not exactly what i put in, but help donate… to send… to Africa? Also, a pic of Charity water of mone shows a water bottle to donate to Africa.

  9. Ms. D, when I cite my sources on animoto does it have to be the whole URL or can it just be the main title up to .org or .com?

  10. Hi Brandon,
    Did you have a song in the audio portion of the PSA storyboard? Is the song by Michael Jackson? Will it fit your PSA and emotionally appeal to the audience? Then, yes.

  11. Hi Ms. D do we have to upload our psa to thw wiki or can we us a mem. card? Also do we need 9 or 15 slides?

  12. Hi Brennan,
    LOVE THE MUSIC SELECTION! 😀 Is your topic about water pollution in US, Africa, or Global? That is a little unclear. I’m wondering why you didn’t include a connection to the website you suggest to go for more info… like a walk for water to buy life saver bottles? Cleaning up is too general. Be specific and use the NGO or government websites recommendations for ways kids can take action or get involved. Clarify the diseases carried in polluted water. There is a family with 3 little girls that started a foundation for clean water. They run an annual walk I think…Let me know if you need more feedback.

  13. Courtney, All tutorials and handouts are on the blog. Do you know how to use PowerPoint? If not, you could take the option that others took by using the class account I set up.

  14. Hi Ms.D,
    Im having some trouble adding the music to my PSA. I was able to add it to SydneyLpd’s laptop, but on my mom’s Dell computer it only adds the music to one slide can u help?? Also I know u gave us instructions on how to upload our PSA to the wiki and I know how to do that, but on the worksheet it says you have to upload music into the audio file and I’m not sure how to do that. Can you please give me a direction sheet in class if you can or elaborate more please.
    Thank you

  15. Here’s my PSA so far, but can everyone bear with me because i did not edit yet. Thank you.

  16. Ms. D, I worked on my PSA for awhile yesterday on animoto and wanted to ask you for some warm and cool feedback. I know that I still have some editing to do for example adding sources, but I think this is a good time for constructive criticism. Thank you.

  17. Ms. D, also, I was wondering how to put in the sources to credits in animoto. I saw it on the finalize sidebar, but I did not know how to include the sources.

  18. Ms. D, I did a lot for my PSA and was wondering if you could check it out on animoto.com. I wanted to know if you could make some sugestions. After you look at it, could you tell me if the length would be too long. Thank you. Also, I would suggest using animoto to anyone who hasn’t already started their PSA. The website make working easy, even though you can only put so may words on a slide. But, you would have to ask Ms. D for a password.

  19. Hi Brennan,
    No, not that I know of but you can label the pics on the slide after the image. It is really intuitive and easy to use. Enjoy!

  20. Ms. D, I checked out animoto and I’m going to try and do some of my PSA tonight I was just wondering if we can add text on top of images on the cite. I wasn’t able to do so, but it won’t interfear with my project except if I label the pictures. Is there a way to add text on or under the photo on the website or no? Thanky you.

  21. Sure, Nicky. I’ll check it out after I finish grading & will give you feedback tomorrow. Great work getting it in so early and Striving for Accuracy by requesting feedback. 😀

  22. Ms. Digangi,
    i just uploaded my PSA to the Wiki. Just wanted to know if you could give me any suggestions to help my PSA. Thanks!

  23. hey Ms.Digangi i was watching pay it forward and it was about the teacher who gave the kids a assignment and how they can make a difference and a change.

  24. Hi Ms. Digangi, For people who are going global warming Wake Up American by: Miley Cyrus is a good choice. If you really listen to the lyrics it specifically targets global warming. I really liked this song and I have chosen it for my PSA.Heres the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24GyGvqjykQ

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