If starting a project is the most difficult part of the process, editing is a close 2nd.

Remember, it’s not how many slides you have or how many minutes you use…it is all about how effectively you communicate the goal and the facts, advocate for your social issue, and employ emotional appeal.

Watch this quick tutorial to help with the editing process.  The major points are on slides 76-82.

62 thoughts on “EDiT YouRSeLF !

  1. Actually, I got my video to upload to YouTube! I posted the link on the wiki. Thanks for the advice anyways though!

  2. Hi Nicole, Did you use Windows Movie Maker or Powerpoint? If it’s a Powerpoint save it as a .ppt or .pptx. Yes, you may upload the new music file.

    Hi Colin,
    It is great that you are persisting. How many slides do you have? Did you copy and paste your images from the internet? If yes, each image may have a hyperlink embedded and that takes up memory. Right click on the image and if Remove Hyperlink is available click it and remove. Save it under your new file name as a .ppt (format). Let me know if this helps.

    Hi Himani,
    I will check for the audio using the url on the first slide and adjust your grade. Have a good night. 🙂

  3. Hey Ms. D,
    I tried converting my PSA from .wlmp to .wmv like you said to but when I try to change the file type the only format I can choose is a .wlmp. My video won’t upload to youtube either. If I change the power point version I made and convert it from a .pptx to a .pdf and upload it to the wiki will it look like it is on my computer?
    Also, I sent you the wrong music file. I had to edit the original version of the song because it was just instruments playing not music.Could I resend my file to you?

  4. Hi Lindsay,
    Use the context clues to “close the gaps.” I will try and upload the video.

  5. Hi ms.D
    I tried looking for the video of the salem witch trials on your blog so i could do the worksheet but you don’t have it up? what should i do?

  6. Hi Ben,
    Welcome to the blog! 🙂 Read and follow the tutorial under the post, “How to Insert Tunes.” The song will play throughout the slideshow if you follow the directions. Please clarify your meaning in #3.

  7. Hey Ms D I’m posting these comments to get the credit that you have been telling me to get for awhile now. Sorry that i couldn’t get it sooner i just don’t no what to post on or where to do it. But heres 3 comments anyway.

    1. I have realized that i haven’t sent you my psa while i was sick i did make a account though so i will send it to you shortly.

    2 The music i got converted on a trusted converter wont exactly play on my psa. I’m using a program that free called open office which is exactly like ms power point but free. Only problem is the music only plays on one slide so i will probably send the link to the song to the wiki.

    3.Is it necessary to have a person commentate on how you can take action i did everyone have it so i left it as is. I just want to make sure to better the psa before i have to present tomorrow.

  8. Hey Ms.D!

    Thanks for letting me bring it in,and it’s okay because everything is back together once again,so it should run smoothly this time around.I truly do appreciate all the different options you gave me for getting the presentation to you,and for allowing me more time to do so,on top of the extra day you gave all of 8 Yellow.

    I would prefer tomorrow,and will leave my laptop in the yellow house office during the day,until when I need it.I’ll drop it off in homeroom,and I know that Mrs.Williams,Mrs.Boylan,and/or Mr.Ryan will safeguard it for me.And at the very beginning of A period tomorrow,I’ll quickly go run and get it,and invite Mr.Ryan to come view our class’s PSA’s as well,with your permission of course.

    Have a good night & thanks again for everything!

  9. Hi Colin,
    Remind me about the problem you encountered. I know you said you couldn’t upload. I received your wiki membership request and approved it this morning. You may want to refer to the wiki handout and the home page. You couldn’t upload to the wiki last night because you were not a member. You are now. Let me know how you do. Dividing a powerpoint into 2 is simple. Save your Powerpoint under 2 different names like ColinPSApart1.ppt & ColinPSApart2.ppt. Delete half of the slide on Part 1 and do the same for part 2. For example, if your PSA is 20 slides, delete slides 11-20 on part 1.

  10. Hi Ms D,
    I didnt ask marissa about the split file because i didnt want to be late for homeroom, can you kind of fill me in on how to do that. I would really appreciate it.

    -Colin Hough

  11. Hi Marisa,
    That will be ok. I am sorry that nothing worked. If you bring in your computer do you want to present tomorrow or Monday?

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