DoN’T DRiNK THe WaTeR…The Trail of Tears

Dave Matthew’s explains his song, Don’t Drink the Water in MTV’s Storytellers, emphasizing the genocide of Native Americans. Use the music video and his explanation to respond to the questions/prompts on the lyrics handout.

Analyze this secondary source and respond to the Questions in the Student Handout Packet above.

The Trail of Tears
The Trail of Tears

14 thoughts on “DoN’T DRiNK THe WaTeR…The Trail of Tears

  1. Hi ms. D. This weekend I was in NYC. I saw a concert. One of the songs was about when the Englishman kikled all of the native Indians and took amarica from them. The song was called don’t drink the water by the Dave mattews band.

  2. I love 8th grade Social Studies! The ipads are so much fun! I look forward to learning about our history this year. I think it’s also really intersting to learn about our history, and eveything that happened in the past! It’s important too, because the only way to make our world better, is to learn from the past.

  3. Social Studies is the coolest subject. The iPad is a nice touch!! It’ going to be a lot of fun being able to blog. I plan on using this blog a lot. I have a computer but I would really like an iPad for my birthday in Oct.

  4. Ms.D, I was wondering if there are any other song writers who also wrote a songs about the trail of tears. If there are, do you know if they also shared their feelings about the tragic event.

  5. Hi Ms. D. Sort of adding on to Stephen’s question, I was on and there was a poll asking what Paul Revere had said when he rode thru town. Ask. com said that he had said “The regulars are coming.” This is historically inaccurate.

  6. I was listening to my ipod and herd the song dont drink the water. When we herd the music in class i knew i knew that song.My parents and I went to go see Dave in Concert.

  7. Hi Stephen, Do you have a link to the video to share with everyone? Explain why Palin was historically inaccurate. Why does this matter?

  8. Hi Colin, There are usually extras available. Go see Mrs. F in 8 Blue tomorrow to ask her when and if they will be available.

  9. Hi Ms d,
    this doesn’t specialy have to do with Social Studies, but i was just wondering if I could still order a year book. I am not sure if ordering them ended or not.

  10. Hey Ms D,
    Al from Rescue Ink shared this link on facebook showing an interview with Larry Levin talking about his book and Oogy. I found it really interesting and I hope you do too! Here’s the link:

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