Use the slideshow below to:

practice active note-taking

evaluate the significance of people’s words and deeds in context of time and place

evaluate historical sources & assess credibility

interpret and recognize POV and bias


Share your POP CULTURE connections to history by posting a comment.  If you want to share a video – copy and paste the embed code under your comment.

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84 thoughts on “WHy HiSToRY MaTTerS

  1. In this video,the leader should be carrying a phone or find some help or find a way out of the situation they are in this time of need (Ms. D note: Please follow blogging guidelines, check your punctuation and elaborate. Each comment should have at least 3 sentences.)

  2. Hi Eddie,

    What are you struggling with – please be more specific. Refer to the WHY HISTORY MATTERS slideshow slide #39. Pick 1 of the questions and respond using the writer’s checklist.

  3. hey, ms Digangi i’m looking forward to social studies this year because of the ipads and my brother said your class was really fun! Based on the HOB I think i’m ready for a quiz because i know almost all of it. I like your social studies class then any other teacher i previously had because you’re nice and hyper like me :). I think the ipads will help us take notes and pay more attention in class. i think social studies is fun and i will get a lot out of this year,
    your student,charlie

  4. Hi Mrs. DiGangi!
    I think I am going to really like social studies this year.By useing ipads i think that a lot of kids including me will learn better and enjoy social studies a lot more.I can’t wait to really start off the year.

  5. SS is the best class in the world. we learn history and much more. i cant wait to see what will happen this year with a great teacher.

  6. so far during social studies, i have learned a lot. I can connect to the education in a nutshell video because in the video, baby squirrel needed to find a way over the wall even though at first he couldn’t do it, he finally found a way. i have a connection that over the summer i was working on my softball pitching with my aunt. she taught me better control and even though at first i was struggling, i kept practicing and never gave up. i can now throw harder, faster and more strikes.

  7. Social Studies this year will be fun. I hope we use the I-pads in class a lot because it gives you something to look forward to before and during class. Also it is a different learning styl so it makes students feel happy by using the I-pads

  8. Hey Mrs. DiGangi,
    I’m looking forward to social studies this year! I like how we have already learned about history by making many connections to our world today. The Ipads will help me stay focused because their exciting and help us to visually learn by watching videos and looking at pictures! I’m looking forward to learning more about the topics we will study this year.

  9. Real Adventure;
    There’s a creek behind where I live. You can cross to go to another city or stay in the current one. When I was in 4th & 5th grade my friend and I would go there everyday. We’d find new ways to cross it and other things to do with it. When we crossed it, it was like entering a new world. I wasn’t Jazmin anymore. I was someone else; and so where my friends. We would spend hours there with any weather. Now the creek is all dirty and crowded with overgrown flowers. It was awesome, though.

  10. I can make a connection to the holocaust because my pop pop who recently passed away at 103 almost 104 used to be in the military that was fighting the Germans in world war 2 although he didn’t not actually fight he built the weapons and vechicals that were used in world war 2

  11. I really like social studies and with the stop light note taking and having the iPads I can see what we have to write down right in front of me and with the color coating I think im going to do really good in ss

  12. Hey!
    I really think Social Studies might be one of my favorite classes this year. The iPad’s are really cool.
    I also remember something from a book I read that kind of relates to history. This guy woke up from a weird dream and he said, “Sigmund Freud is probably laughing at me right now.”
    I found it funny since Sigmund Freud was known for what he thought of dreams and unconscious minds.

  13. social studies is a really fun class this year. I think we will be more motivated this year because we will use iPads as a learning tool. This will make it more fun and interactive to learn.

  14. Social Studies seems like it will be a lot of fun this year. The iPad idea is great. The blog is a cool feature to Social Studies, because people all around the world can see what we are learning. I’m looking forward to a great year!

  15. Hi Mrs.DiGangi!
    I think Social Studies will be so much fun this year! I think everyone else will like it too because you brought ipads into the classroom. I think it will help kids listen and focus more.

  16. I Love Social Studies so far. The I-pads are really cool. I think the stop light strategy is a great strategy so you understand what notes to record and it keeps you organized. I also love having the I-pad out when taking notes because I don’t feel rushed and it’s helpful. I love social studies so far, and I’m excited to learn more history this year.

  17. ss will be so much fun this year b/c we now have ipads!. it will be a lot better b/c ipads are alot better then dictonarys. ss will be so much fun this year

  18. I agree with a lot of people that also commented. Social studies is a lot more fun to me now. it use to be my least favorite subject but is now one of my favorites! im looking forward to this year. I would also like to say that the note taking thing with the stop light has helped me a lot. i dont like taking notes but with the ipad and the slide show its more intresting to do.

  19. I’m really glad we’re using the stoplight note-taking strategy this year. In previous years, I tried to write all the notes down then never finished writing them down in time.I’m looking forward to a fun year in Social Studies.

  20. This is the best class in the world. Using the ipads are the best thing on earth. I can’t wait to us the ipads this year. I think we will learn so much easier. I love this class.

  21. Hi Ms. DiGangi Social studies is so fun this year and way better than years past. I like using the IPads and they are a fun way to learn. this is going to be a good year

  22. Social studies is so much fun this year! The iPads are a good way to learn and are fun to use. I can’t wait to learn about history this year using the iPad.

  23. Social studies I think will be a fun class. I think this because we will be learning with I-pads. We will also be learning about a lot of cool stuff. Social studies rocks.

  24. Hey Ms.D, I think that the stoplight method for taking note will help everyone know what to write down. Also, I think that Social Studies is going to be a great class this year! And, the iPads are are SO cool, plus they will encourage everyone to like social studies even more. This year is going to be great. Thanks!

  25. Our Upd class is fun this year because we are using the Ipods. Also we have 2 good teachers that are going to help us this year. Upd is the best and I hope all year is the same.

  26. I agree with everyone about the ipads especially Connor. The ipads are def the best part of social studies. the way that ipad feels in my arms is Magical.MAGICAL I TELL YOU!!!!!!

  27. Hi Mrs. DiGangi!
    I like social studies this year a lot more than I have in previous years! I think that more students will be interested in social studies because you have brought technology into the classroom this year. Ipads and computers is what everyone in this generation is into, and i think that they will help kids to listen and learn more in class.

  28. I think that the traffic light note taking strategy is very useful! I think it helped me because i would always try to copy down everything on the paper and never focus on the most important things. Using the i pads also makes everything so much more fun!!! I love social studies!!!

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