Heroes act as authority figures protecting people’s natural rights, mentors that provide sound advice, advocates that defend against injustice, and caregivers that provide a safe environment to learn life’s lessons. Heroes think interdependently and are models of civic virtue. Historical or present day heroes truly inspire us to persist when dealing with obstacles, apply past knowledge to new situations, and motivate us to be unselfish in our words and deeds and work for the common good/welfare.

This is Part 2 of our unit’s (Origins of American Government) Culminating Project, “It’s Time for Enlightenment.” This is also an IN CLASS PROJECT.Students, THIS PROJECT IS BASED ON THE HERO YOU SELECTED IN YOUR FOLDABLE. Most of the research has already been completed. We will use the iPADS for additional research and use the CORKULOUS APP to create a virtual “corkboard” display. If you are absent, you will have to complete the questions/research at home and use the Corkulous App during class.

FIRST: Respond to the GUIDING QUESTIONS in complete sentences. Record the source for each question.
SECOND: Use the CORKULOUS APP to complete the checklist.
LASTLY: Seek feedback from a peer. Peers, Refer to the Rubric Checklist and provide 1 example of what the person did well (“warm feedback”) and at least 1 way they can improve (“cool feedback”).

16 thoughts on “HeROeS iN THe HaLLWaY

  1. Hi Ms.Digangi, I’m doing horse slaughter for my service learning topic and I’ve heard that horse slaughter has recently been declared as legal in the United States :(. Should I change the information on it being illegal in my foldable and on the research papers?

  2. Hi Taylor, More research is better than not enough research. 😀 The PBS article will work but you do need solutions based on research for the questions.

  3. Ms. DiGangi,
    For the Preliminary Research paper, I found an article (Dog Fighting-PBS) that said both the causes and the effects of dog fighting but I didn’t see anything about solutions.

  4. hey ms. D

    im sorry this is so much trouble but i searched natural rights and it didnt give me what i was looking for. i also looked in my notes but i just cant figure it out. do you remember what you told me in class? because i dont but i do remember whatever you said, it helped me a lot, but i didnt have time to write it down. i cant figure out what else im supposed to put for life and liberty. is there anything else you can help me with without giving me the answer?

  5. Hi Alex, Provide supporting details from your research. Review the definitions for life and liberty. Search natural rights on the blog in case you don’t have your notes.

  6. hey ms. D

    im working on my foldable still and you wrote on it “what else” in the life section for natural rights. i wrote “dogs are being killed by the fighting” and i forget what else you said about life. it isnt just about the dogs actual life as in life or death, but something else you told me. you said the same for liberty, i said “the people are taking away the dogs freedom by locking them in cages” what else can i put for liberty and life?

  7. This project is actually pretty fun. I did strugle in the begining with it, but then worked my way though. I now Know things that i never even had a thought in my mind about. Thanks mrs G, and mrs D. =)

  8. I read an article about him just now. He sounds like a swell guy. I’m going to use him. Thank you so much Ms. D!

  9. Hi Sarah,

    How did you conduct your google search?
    I did a google search of “people who rescue greyhounds,” and there is a lot of info on “Dennis Tyler. ” Research him. He was also featured in People magazine for his greyhound rescue work.

  10. Hi Sarah, Did you use your greyhound rescue as a model of civic virtue? You can keep your original choice.

  11. Hi Ms. D
    I still can’t find anything about models of civic virtue. I have been looking for days and can’t find anything. I have everything else done but nothing for a model of civic virtue

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