Preamble to the Constitution

Students, Props/Costumes for the PREAMBLE’S NEXT TOP MODEL PHOTO SHOOT are due THURSDAY 12/1. Each group MUST HAVE A SCENE THAT DEPICTS the MEANING of their ASSIGNED Preamble PHRASE. Watch the video below for inspiration.

Watch School House Rock’s music video, The Preamble, below and fill in the chart:

Use the Slideshow below to fill in your Preamble Packet. Don’t forget to respond to each question or prompt.
Teacher Notes:


33 thoughts on “Preamble to the Constitution

  1. I LOVE THE PREAMBLE SONG! In social studies i always sing it in my mind. It’s really catchy. It’s great for studying

  2. Hi ms d do you remember me Brandon from your C pd class? I remember you… fun times we had last year with our C class cherokee is fun and the hsitory classes are intersting. i am taking italian like you said. it is hard all the teacher does is speak italian we need you to say marrroooonnneeee to him so he will understand we dont know what he is saying. haha all the info on this was good and especially when you get blue bucks. well i got to go. bye ms d

  3. Hi Bec, I laughed when I read your “annoying comment” – I agree on both points. I am no math scholar but I am pretty sure the Preamble of 1787 is over 200+ years old. 😀 Your comments provide specific details on the learning activities you enjoyed and how they helped you with understanding. Well done!

  4. In class last week, we played a game with the hot headlines. I enjoyed the game, and it helped me better understand the preamble. It also showed examples of hoe the preamble is used now in current times. I learned with this activity that lots of current events invovle our preamble, even though it was created over 100 years ago.

  5. The school house rock video and song were very annoying to listen to repeatedly, but really helped me understand what the Preamble meant. It also helped me learn the words to the Preamble. Watching this video showed me what the Framers meant when they wrote it, and how they used the Preamble.

  6. hi Mrs. D!
    I’m not sure what we are supposed to study for the test. do we have to know the Preamble in order? Class was fun today!

  7. Hi Nicole, Study the slideshow and focus on the MEANING of the Preamble. Did you like playing HOT HEADLINES? Stay tuned. I am almost finished creating the Photo Shoot Video and will post it soon.

  8. Hello Ms. D,
    I had so much fun today in social studies. It was a fun way that we learned about the preamble and acting it out with a photoshoot. I just didn’t really know what to study because i am studying the worksheets we went over and reviewed ant the video on the blog and I just wanted to clarify and make sure it was right. Overall today was awesome!

  9. I thought the video was really catchy, it was also funny when I heard some kids singing it in the hallway. I used to not like School or Rock that much, but this one was catchier than the other videos I watched before.

  10. Hi mrs D. class was fun today. I really like the idea that we got to take those pictures. Like i said befor you make learning more fun.

  11. Dear Ms. D,
    I am having trouble finding an article for my topic. Could you help me find one. Also are the questions on preliminary research off the article or your foldable?

  12. Hi Alex, Great! I knew you could do it! 🙂 It may be too late now but…Go to the Animal Welfare: HSUS link. Search dog fighting and locate the ways to take action.

  13. hey ms.D

    good news, i found cause and effect on the website link on the blog, PBS, but no solution. should i just find another article?

  14. Hi Alex,
    You couldn’t find anything? Is that a true statement? What sites did you visit and read?

  15. hey ms. D

    i cant find the research you are looking for and i looked at the links on the blog for the websites, but i still couldnt find anything. my topic is dog fighting but i cant find the cause of it anywhere

  16. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for your comment. Did the School House Rock video clip help with the handout? Did the directions on the handout confuse you? We will go over the handout tomorrow in class.

  17. Hey Ms.D,
    I can’t seem to find an article for my topic, puppy mills in the school library research area on the website. I already found an article on puppy mills and then I re-read the directions and found out it had to be from the school library.

  18. Hello Ms. D,
    Today in class we did the worksheet with the past and present in the two collumns and like the substitute went over it really fasat and it was hard for me and the people around me to get what we were supposed to do on it. I think that I was doing the worksheet right but the way the teacher explained it it made me puzzled with what I am supposed to do. I think I got a hang of it but in class if we could go over it and check it that would be wonderful! Thanks so much.

  19. Today in class we learned about the Constitution, but it was really hard and confusing to understand. The substitute teacher didn’t really explain a lot about the subject and she went really fast as well. We didnt have enough copies for the packet that she gave us in our D period class so you will have to give us more and get the other cought up as well. In addition I thought the 2 videos that you had up on the blog helped a lot with trying to get the concept of everything that we are trying to learn. They were also very funny!

  20. Hi Sarah, HW is posted on the AGENDA/HW tab at the top of the blog. The HW is the Preliminary Research handout that we went over in class on Monday – questions + article on your topic. Do you have the handout?

  21. Hi Ms. D
    I don’t get our homework what’s preliminary research? I looked on the blog’s homepage there was nothing.

  22. hey ms digangi,
    ok so for the preliminary research i am a bit confused. For example at the bottom of the page it states to print the article well what happens if you have many? should i just attach all of them because i am using varies sources.

  23. Hey Ms.D, i know that we didn’t get to this yet, but i just wanted to tell you that i remember watching all of the School House Rock videos, and this one is how i memorized the Preamble. Besides that, I have an irrelevant question to the preamble. The question has to do with the Preliminary Research HW. For Q.5, are we allowed to use an article from the New York Times? It does say, library sites, and blog links… But, i found a great article from the NYT, and from past knowledge, the NYT is reliable. If I can get an answer either tonight, or Tuesday night, that would be a lot of help. Thanks.

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