6 thoughts on “FReeDom FRoM SLaVeRY

  1. Hi Haileyrose,
    Was it fun to make? I love the candied orange peels and so does Ms. B! By the way, I didn’t know that Amanda goes by Mandy. Thank you for sharing! 😀

  2. For the chooce project in social studies I made Orange peels. Mandy and I picked to make this desert and or food because it seemed like fun. This is the type of food people made back then because it was easy and cheap. Many people enjoy this tasty snack, although I dont alot do. I hope everyone enjoys me and Mandys food.

  3. I am disgusted that Slavery is still happening today. Slavery has changed over the years but it is still horrific. I cannot imagine how horrible it would of been to be a slave. I would be terrified that i would get sick from all the diseases that are going around. Also I would need more room too. I would hate being treated like an animal. When we learn about this in social studies I feel bad that all of the slaves that had to go through that. I would go crazy if I was on a boat with 300-400 people for months.

  4. Pakistan
    Articles 19 of the Constitution of Pakistan guarantees freedom of speech and expression, and freedom of the press with certain restrictions.[19] Blasphemy against Islam is illegal in Pakistan.[20] [21]
    Today in class you said to look this up for extra credit and here it is. basically it says there are only certain restrictions against speech like for example: blasphemy against islam.

  5. Hi Ms. D! I’m reading a book called The Mississippi Trials which documents a white American boy’s point of view on the trials on Emmitt Till. It helps me because the documentary we saw in class didn’t include this point of view, so now i can better understand the whole trajedy.

  6. Today in class when they showed how the slaves were put together by a neck brace used for ox it reminded me of the movie “Apocalypto” when the men and women were rounded up and put into groups and if one man fell the whole group fell.

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