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We previewed our new packet, Lucky 13.  The BrainPop video, Thirteen Colonies, provided a short overview of the factors (economy, society, political, and geography) that influenced the development of the 3 Colonial Regions. The video was a springboard for analyzing and interpreting a Map, Making A Living.  MAP SAMPLES may be accessed in the classroom. We also used the ActiVotes for a Cookie/Class War using the ActiVote Quiz. The highest class average wins. Stay tuned for the winners announcement.
Thank you, Mr. Kindred, for sharing ideas, lesson titles, and UbD frameworks! Visit Mr. Kindred and his 8th grade class by CLICKING HERE.

BrainPop Thirteen Colonies


Students will use the iBooks App on the iPads or the Google Docs on the blog to interpret and analyze text and images.  Chester the Crab Comix written and illustrated by Bentley Boyd, provide engaging snapshots of people, places and events in time.  Check out his website by CLICKING HERE.

Please follow these steps when Reading for Information – Chester Comix:

1st: Preview questions/prompts. 

2nd: Look at the images ONLY. 

3rd: Do a QUICK READ

4th: Read carefully and Respond to questions/prompts.

Chester Comix by Bentley Boyd


SUMMARIZING – Ask and answer the questions, WHO? WHAT? WHERE? for each Panel with text.


Students will examine INTERACTION between the colonists and Native Americans. Use the same Comic Strip Packet ABOVE.  Focus is placed on historical thinking:

  • Compare and Contrast the ECONOMIC, POLITICAL, and GEOGRAPHIC factors of Native Americans and Colonial Society.  
  • Chronological Thinking: History is the study of people, places and events in time.  Therefore, students will analyze the cause and effect relationship between events by studying King Philip’s War.

Concepts and skills (interpreting and analyzing text and images) provide the background to understand future concepts (i.e., The French and Indian War”).

Please watch the short clip below summarizing King Philip’s War and gain a better understanding of the devastating impact of colonial settlement for the Native American tribes in New England.

Students will wrap up the inter-ACTIVE review of the Crab Walks. Strive for Accuracy by checking and editing your responses and reading directions carefully.
*Refer to the Post title, “8 Teens lied…People Died” for the handouts, video clips and lesson summary.

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  1. Hi Ms. D, I know I told you about this after class yesterday, but I figured I might as well post it on the blog. When we received our new packets yesterday, I noticed a section about the Salem witch trials and that is a topic that I have a lot of knowledge about. This is due to the fact that I have read about 4 books on the Salem witch trials, read several online articles, watched many documentaries on the subject, and I have actually been to Salem, Massachusetts twice. The first time I went was in July of 2010 and the second time was in July of 2011. I am hoping to travel there again this summer. Over my past two visits there, some of the attractions I have been to include The Salem Witch Museum, The Witch House, The Witch Dungeon Museum, and I went to an interactive play that reenacted the trial of Bridget Bishop (the first victim of the trials). I would recommend visiting Salem to anyone interested in history, the paranormal, or both. I am personally interested in both, which is why I think I enjoy it so much. I will probably post some of the documentaries I briefly mentioned above once we start to learn about the Salem witch trials.

  2. Hi Savanna, Yes, See me tomorrow during class for clarification. Don’t forget to refer to the Posts from your absences. The info will help a lot. 🙂

  3. Hi Ms.D,
    I was studying and i was wondering if i could have an extra day. I don’t understand the packet and was wondering if i could just have an extra day to study.

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