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  1. Dear Mrs.D,
    I was watching the Daily Show, and they had two veterans on it.The one veteran named Meg Mitcham said she saved three people at one time with resources she had. Daniel Hutchinson was a nurse in the Army. Meg Mitcham is a nurse’s aid, and Daniel Hutchinson is a school nurse. Like John Stewart said these two veterans have jobs below their qualifications, they are courageous, hard-working,smart,and helpful, yet these veterans don’t have high quality jobs. These two would make great doctors, with their experience,but no one supports the vets to get the jobs they qualify for. To watch the interview go to go to search videos and type in Meg Mitcham and watch the video called Exclusive- Economic reintegration for veterans. Mrs. D please watch this video and tell me if I can post this on the blog, how I post it on the blog and where I post it on the blog. Thank you so much.

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