Preamble Photo Shoot

Our students took the Preamble of 1787 and applied it to modern day scenarios. Communication of concepts brings history to the life. We observed many students Thinking Interdependently during the “team huddles” and Striving for Accuracy while brainstorming ideas for the scene, props, and costumes. Many Applied Past Knowledge to New Situations and demonstrated initiative by creating props and/or wearing costumes. Students were guided by the question, “Would this scene make sense to Mr. H?” Each student was assessed on their contribution to the group.
Did you like this learning activity? Why or Why not?
How will it help you to understand the meaning of the Preamble and apply it to real life?
Which Photo is your favorite? Explain.

Watch the video of the Photo Shoot and let us know what you think by posting a comment.

(Ms. D note: Tommy’s group/N period: Your photo did not upload. The animoto app crashed. Don’t worry. It will not affect your grade.)

5 thoughts on “Preamble Photo Shoot

  1. Hey Mrs. D, I did like this activity because it gave us a chance to be creative when we were planning on what our picture would be. It helped me understand the preamble because unstead of just reading the preamble I got to see an example of what the preamble actually means. My faviorite photo was Matt and Haris in the court. I liked their groups because it really got the point across about establishing justice, and i liked their props.

  2. I learned a lot from the packets and notes during class. The projects helped me understand the constitution and the bill of rights. For example now i know that in the bill of rights, has rights that is not already listed in the constitution of independence.

  3. Hi Tommy, We will draw tomorrow. Use at least 5 boxes. Each scene is like a page from a children’s book. Emphasize key ideas from the reading.

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