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  1. Overall i thought that this video was very interesting. I think that as adults and being citizens of the United States they should have been able to answer most of them correctly. I think that we as 8th graders and having learned some of this should be able to answer most of them correctly too. It was very sad that they could not answer simple questions about their government.

  2. today we in class we were talking about the song Pride by U2 and the lyrics “one man betrayed with a kiss.” Then we got in talking about the last kiss of Jesus and in the song Judas by Lady Gaga she is using Judas as Jesus. she was just trying to get a fresh start so she sang about all of her problems


  3. Today I was reading an article about how adults don’t know much about the government in the article I learned:
    1.Just 38% could name all three branches of the U.S. government
    2.91% of Americans know that the U.S. Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States
    3.Only 13% of Americans know that the Constitution was signed in 1787
    4.78% know that the first ten amendments to the Constitution are called the Bill of Rights

    The link is: http://www.annenbergpublicpolicycenter.org/newsdetails.aspx?myid=457

  4. Hey Mrs. D, I asked my brother and sister the questions on this video. My brother got the ammendments and number of supreme court justices questions wrong. My sister got every question wrong except for the three branches of government. I also asked my parents them, but after the first question I relized that they would get all of the rest wrong too, so I stopped.

  5. I was watching the show 60minutes on tv last night and they talked about the supreme court justice Sotomayor. Some things that I learned about her were:
    1.Attended princeton college
    2. Grew up in the Bronx, new york
    3.father died from being acoholic when she was nine
    4. In high school she was ranked third in her class

  6. I believe it’s very interesting how many adults do not know about our country, and most of the world. I once saw a video where ou adults were shown a map, and on the map England was marked Australia to see if it tricked them. The real Australia was left blank. The majority of them pointed to where it said Australia instead of the place it really is, which is common knowledge! It was actually really embarrassing to watch. I believe this is one of the reasons people from other countries make fun of Americans and stereotype us as a ‘stupid’ country. I truly hope my generation will step it up a notch and not let this be the image of America.

  7. I found out that 28% of America are just to lazy or busy to vote, while of Americas voters are obligated and think its the best thing to do. 62% of America are obligated and believe its tradition. The other 10% say that they do sometimes not all. To me voting is important and everyone should do it so the person they want to win has one vote closer to winning.

  8. Dear Ms. D,
    In class on Friday we didn’t finish our notes for the homework. Today I took the initiative to go on the conch and go to the Constitution live binder to get the notes. I used the notes to finish my homework for Monday!

  9. I believe that the video ws funny. I was shocked of the lack of knowledge that some of our fellow citizens have. If an eight grader knows more about America than a middle age adult, that’s pretty sad.

  10. I thought this video was interesting because if your an adult you’ve been a citizen for a pretty long time. It’s kind of sad how full grown adults don’t know anything about our government and how it works. If they vote for who represents them wouldn’t you think they would know why they are voting and how it works?

  11. Hi MRs. D,

    During this constitution unit i learned all of the Branches and people’s placement inside those branches. When i first started this unit i knew each branch but not every detail about them. I learned that the speaker of the house is John Bayner and there is a vice president pro tempore who acts as a substitute for the vice president. The vice president is also the president of the Senate. During the unit of the constitution i learned a lot of new information about the Constitution.

  12. I find it a shame how Americans don’t know how their own government works. We should atleast know that much because without it who knows we’re our government could be. This video reminded me of the video we watched a while back about the comedian acting as a director of a play. He said that 14,000 people died in the Titanic and other facts that were false. Just like in the video how the one man thought there were 52 states.

  13. Dear Mrs.D
    I was shocked how many adults didn’t know the answers. It was hulairious when the man thought there were 52 states. But then I remember my sister did that she thought there was 50 and then Alaska and Hawaii. Also I think I would be like that 1 man who knew most of the questions when I’m older.

  14. I was so suprised with how many of them don’t know about our government. As adults, I think they should know a lot of our government. We’re only in 8th grade and we know more which makes this kind of embarrassing. These adults should probably go back to 8th grade.

  15. Homework:
    This video is pretty sad. Most of the people interviewed were clueless about their country’s government. Honestly, it is pretty horrific that only one person got all the questions right. GOOD FOR YOU GUY! The most mind blowing part of this video was when the interviewer gave the guy a hint and he still got the questions wrong. He thinks there is 52 states on America. WOW!

  16. Homework: I researched that about 80 million people in the US do not vote. Therefore they probably do not know who’s the presidents running, what they wanted to changed about america, the senates running, and a lot more. To watch this video it shows how some adults think the same way and forget government. People should never forget about government, the branches, or anything else. I also found out that the study finds that only half of U.S. adults can name all three branches of government, and just 54% know that the power to declare war belongs to Congress. Almost 40% incorrectly said that it belongs to the president. It’s kind of sad to think all these Americans are putting us in a bad place.

  17. I have learned a lot about the senate because of the child’s book project in class. For example, I now know that the minimum age that you have to be to be a senator is 30.

  18. The day we started learning about the constitution, I was lost. I thought that I would never get the importance of congress and what it does, but now I do. I learned many things like the list of people to take charge if the president is harmed, killed or misbehaves.

  19. VIDEO RESPONSE- I found that this video was sadly realistic. Many of these adults must have learned about our government when they were in school. It is possible they may have clearly understood and even aced their tests on the constitution!! But honestly, how much are you going to remember after ten, twenty, fifty years? I mean unless you are constantly refreshing your knowledge, you will most likely forget. Gradually, everything you learned will fade to the back of your mind as new knowledge that has been deemed more important enters your brain. The majority of my peers and I cannot even remember what we learned all year when we return from our summer vacations in the fall.
    I think the news reporters were trying to prove a point; that the average american does not know the basics about how our country runs itself. I think the message conveyed was that we need to keep the citizens better informed. It is not fair for people who have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA HOW OUR GOVERNMENT WORKS to vote or make decisions for others. Clearly there is a problem if the adults are not responsible to make sure they understood information about the constitution.

  20. Former President George W. Bush choose Roberts as Chief Justice of the United States because Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, died in office in 2005.

  21. I thought it was sad that adults do not know history of the government. People in other countries know about our government but our own adults do not. Seeing this I believe education when they were our age wasn’t as good is how we have it today or the fact that they didn’t pay attention in class. I though when they guy said there was 104 senators was funny. If we has 104 senators that would mean there is 52 states.

  22. HOMEWORK-We have learned a lot about the constitution this year. Sadly, I have been absent all week and missed the videos and projects from my peers. I still however know a lot about the three branches of congress from the anatomy of the constitution packet we got before winter break. Also because of the project, I have now memorized all the requirements and qualifications for the members of congress.

  23. I found it very shocking that our own US citizens didn’t know anything about how their government works. After school I showed my parents the video and
    they said the same thing. There are so many TV networks that do the same exact thing and get the same results. Like Ms.D said during class ” Learning civics is like learning a language if you don’t use it you’ll lose it.

  24. I am really not surprised we are smarter than these adults! Its hilarious that the dude didn’t know how many states were in the U.S.A. 52? Really? They really shoud be embarrased that they didn’t know most of this stuff! They should of paied more attention to there Social Studies classes! It was funny because the night before we watched this video I was watching the show “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?” Most of the people on there did not know a lot the history lessons or qutestions about government. people really need to be educated about our government. I went on youtube and found this very interesting video! They don’t even know what womens suffrage is! My friend from Moorestown told me about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lysWbzQyiWw

  25. I’m just shocked that most of the people who was intervewed to see if they know any thing about our government. Also just wow

  26. Homework: This year the constitutiion has shown me many things I haven’t known about the US and how the government operates. One thing though I find interesting is how short the constituion is and how powerful it is in those 4 pages. That is what I’ve learned about the constiution this year so far.

  27. It was amazing how many people had no idea what the answers were to those questions. The only question everyone got right was naming the three branches. This video reminded me of a show I watch called How the States got their Shapes. In the show, the host asks people questions about their state’s history. Something interesting is that he also asks the person to drawl the shape of the state they live in. If you want to watch this show it is on the History Channel.

  28. This is shocking to me! As an eighth grader I knew more about our nations government then these adults. As a test, went I got home I asked my mom these same questions and she got them all correct! In my option you need to read about are government and connect to your reading if you want it to stick. In are social studies class Ms D makes this really easy and I understand easily.

  29. I was speechless when I saw how these adults got question after question wrong. I couldn’t believe some of their guesses, like when the one man thought that there were 52 states

  30. in class we learned about the consitituition.Ms D said in class that impeached meant endited. and also another fact is that the speaker of the house is John Boehner.

  31. This video could show lots of disappointment because us as Americans should learn and know about the constitution. This is important because it can provide prior knowledge for the future. I think as an 8th grader we as a country can can work together to make the better. To see only a few amount of people knowing a majority of the constitution is very sad. I think if we tend teach more and encourage others we can provide the information we as Americans are needed and most of all expected to know.

  32. This social studies class is my favorite because we are learning about some important stuff like i never knew that the vice president was the president of the senate or that there is like a runner up vice president. i will add more stuff on the blog when we laern a little bit more new stuff.

  33. Homework: I never really gave much thought to the Constitution, or anything about our government. I am glad you are teaching us about them. I found the crime of treason’s definition to be very surprising. I didn’t even know anything like that existed. Your class has really got me interested in our country and it’s history.

  34. Dear Mrs.D,
    I am doing the homeworkers tonight, the study guide 1-12 and question 10 asks what is extradition? I looked in my notes and we don’t have it so I went through the slide show on here for our notes and found it, so I don’t know if all the other kids will do that. Just letting you know

  35. Hi Ms.D,
    before we stared learning about the constitution and our government, i had no clue how our country ran itself,or what the vice president does. Now I can explain what a VPOTUS, the vice president of the United States, to my little sister, my parents anyone. I also learned that the President doesn’t sit in the oval office and take naps all day, i learned he is the commander and chief of the armed forces, and is the head of the Executive branch, vetoing and signing laws. I learned a lot about my country so far in social studies, so i will never be like the adults in this video

  36. Hi Ms.D i find this video to be embarrassing to American citizens. If other countries saw this video and lack of knowledge from our own countries history we would be laughed upon. As you can see this lack of knowledge should be frowned upon considering we were taught some of these simple questions at a very young age. So people like this should take a glimpse of this video and see what a embarrassment they are to the U.S.A

  37. In my opinion, this is embarrassing. I noticed that most of these people only knew the answers that were somewhat common knowledge. Did their 8th grade social studies mean nothing? Was it meerly a waste of time? Do they just not care about what the people who are suppose to take care of them are doing. Sure they knew some of the answers, but if you don’t know how the government works as a whole, that knowledge is rendered nearly meaningless. The majority of my classroom peers and I would have aced this test. We are only half the age or less of them.

  38. Homework: When i first came into 8th grade social studies I had no clue to what the Constitution was. Now that we learned all 7 articles of it is understand all the processing our country goes through to do certain things. i didn’t know the order in which people became president if the former president dies. I thought that was interesting! Also I did not know what the jobs of the VPOTUS is. Now that I understand, i can understand what our country goes through! Thanks Mrs. DiGangi!

  39. Dear Mrs D,
    This video was funny, but also a little sad because of the amount of people who got the answers wrong. It is important for people to be educated about our goverment because it is the people who vote. It reminded me of another video I saw where someone goes around asking women to sign a petiton to end women suffrage. Most of the women signed the petiton without knowing what women’s suffrage actually is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lysWbzQyiWw

  40. I think the we as eighth graders can get all of those questions right because it is what we are learning at this moment. I believe the reason is they got most of the answers wrong is because they are out of school and they think theydon’t need to remember that stuff in regular life. What happened there was like the show Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader, except they had no idea it was coming.

  41. I thought it was funny how the man in his thirties didn’t know how many states were in America. Even with the hint, he still couldn’t answer the question correctly. i also liked how whenever someone would answer a question they weren’t a hundred percent sure on their answer.

  42. I was surprised with how many people did not know about our government. The one thing that surprised me the most is when they where asking how many senators there was. He said 104, and that means 52 states! This was very surprising.

  43. I find it funny that only one guy out of evryone who took the quiz got all of the questions right

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