The Jamestown Journey: Choose Your Own App

Goal: Create a product (song, book, photo collage, movie, comic, etc) that communicates understanding of people’s words and deeds and events in time.
Focus: Jamestown settlement
This is a collaborative project
FIRST: Preview the 9 events you will use for your project.
SECOND: Discuss app preferences and complete the Google Form below.
THIRD: Plan your project.

  • Use the foldable with 9 boxes. Write your names in Box #1.
  • Each box represents 1 event


  • RAP SONG – write 1-2 lines summarizing each event.
  • PUPPET PALS – write 1-2 lines of dialogue for each event.
  • COMIC STRIP – 1-2 lines of dialogue per panel for each event
  • SLIDESHOW – 1-2 pictures and 1 SUMMARY STATEMENT OR INTERACT per event.

4. Get Teacher approval of plans and begin your project.

2 thoughts on “The Jamestown Journey: Choose Your Own App

  1. I was researching more about Jamestown and Plymouth on google. Not only did i find out more differences about them, but some similiarities that I thought was cool. For example one difference in Jamestown is that they settled in warm climate with good soil and Plymouth settled in cold climate with thin rocky soil. A similarity is that both colonies were helped by the Native Americans. Neither colony started as a royal colony, but both became one.

  2. hey mrs.D,
    i was absent today since i was at work with my mom and i came here to see if i had any make up work or anything of the sorts, but the agenda thingamagigy would not work. just wondering if i missed anything. thanks.

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