37 thoughts on “Events Lead to ENLiGHTeNMeNT

  1. State of Nature in Media/Pop Culture: I thought about some of the lyrics in, “Demons” by Imagine Dragons, and found that they reminded me of our recent lessons in class. The lyrics, “No matter what we breed, we still are made of greed,” reminds me of Hobbes’ theory that in a state of nature, people’s self intrest will lead them to commiting offenses and bad acts. These lyrics explain his theory well, by saying that everyone is born with the oppourtunity to make either good choices or bad choices. Sometimes these choices lead to trouble. Although the song itself has a different, deeper meaning, I made a connection with those few lyrics to Hobbes’ theory.

  2. In the book sea of monsters, l Percy Jackson explains how they read the book ‘Lord Of The Flies’.

  3. Hannah: “Money won’t give us reprieve, just have faith and just believe,”

    Tyler: “His name was Martin Luther.”

  4. Tyler: “A monk in school studied the bible and thought it was strange!”
    Emily: ” Wrote down his objections and nailed it to the cathedrial door!”

  5. “Luther posted 95 theses”
    “wrote his objections and gave them to the cathedral”

  6. Zach: Here I stand, dear Holy Father
    Melanie: Wrote down his objections and nailed them to the cathedral door

  7. Rome: he looked for some truth
    Joe: a monk this in school thought it was strange

  8. Me and my partner posted spent months translating bible and the was contradiction

  9. The stanzas we chose were,” Luther posted 95 thesis” and “He was looking for the truth yeah.”

  10. One stanza is “He was looking for truth”. Another is “there were contradictions and he thought it was a time for change”

  11. Talia: Religious corruptions ran from the pope on down
    Christian: the pope was outraged at his reforms

  12. He wrote down objections and nailed it to the cathedral door.
    Pope is outraged by his reforms

  13. Meghan: wrote down his objections and nailed it to the cathedral door
    Kyle: You know his name is Martin Luther searching for the truth yeah

  14. Our Martin Luther stanzas from the song were “wrote down his objections and nailed it to the cathedral door,” and “Realigious corruption ran from the Pope on down.”

  15. Zak wrote down “here stands the holy father”, and Ethan wrote down “he spoke out about religious injustice and more.”

  16. Our phrases are “he was searching for some truth yeah” and ” he was free now”

  17. Our phrases were “out to get that Martin Luther” and “his name was Martin Luther looking for some truth”

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