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  1. I think that adults are not smarter than kids. I think this because kids our age are learning about these types of questions, so we are prepared with the information freshly in our brains where as most adults have not studied these questions recently

    Melissa C Period

  2. After taking in what you were talking about in class the other day about extradition, I suddenly got hit with the show, Law and Order:special victims unit. My mom is literally addicted to this show and I always catch her watching it. Finally, I sat down one night and watched an episode with her. While watching I soon discovered that one of the victim’s brother’s, who was a suspect, fled from his home state to move to a state across the country. After the unit found out he left, they had him returned to their state and he was penalized with multiple charges. Until learning about extradition in social studies, I didn’t realize this was such a bad act. Thanks for teaching this to us 🙂

  3. Hello mrs. digangi. Our government today always does what’s best for us, but what if we do not think its best? I recently watched the movie Antz and the general repeatedly said “it’s for the good of the colony.” Into the movie he also commits crimes against “the colony” to make it better. In the United States it is possible that some inventors may have been killed just to secure order for the future of the country. If someone invented an engine powered by water it is possible the government could have killed him so the consumers would just be able to turn to oil for fuel. The United States of America does what’s best for us but in some cases (like the general) the politicians may just be thinking about themselves. To conclude this entry I will also like to note most historic inventors died an unexplainable death just when they were beginning to hugely change this country.

  4. Hi Ms. Digangi, I just realized this in class but it was too late to post the comment so I’ll tell you now :D. So you know how their is two senators from each state, in The Hunger Games series two people are chosen to represent their district in the Hunger Games. Well thats all 😀

  5. Yes, we are smarter than the people in the video. When we become adults we think we will forget the information we have learned in class. This is because when we get older we tend to forget things.

  6. We believe that we are smarter than the people in the video because some of the people didn’t know that there were fifty states in the United States. Many students know a lot of the questions that those adults found difficult
    . Therefore us students are smarter than those adults on the video.

  7. We were surprised that these adults got many of the answers wrong, but some knew what they were talking about. It is important to know about the government.

  8. We are smarter than the adults because we have more knowledge about the constitution. We know that their are 2 senators for each state making it 100 senators…not 104 as the adults answered.

  9. Yes we believe that we are smarter than the adults in that video. We think this because they didn’t know that there were 50 states. They also didn’t know when they kept guessing when the Declaration of Independence was signed. The adults in the video also did not know there were 100 senators in the United States (two for each states).

  10. Yes we are smarter than these adults. These adults as example don’t know how many senetors there are in the U.S. They didn’t even know when they where told there was 2 per state saying 102. Because they aren’t in school they probably don’t pay attention to things like the stuff we’re learning every day.

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